Client Success Story

AIS Media paid search campaign delivers 239% lift in leads for global GPS fleet tracking company.

When a global GPS fleet tracking company needed an expert digital marketing partner to optimize the performance of their paid search campaign and help them meet their ambitious sales goals, they called AIS Media.

From tracking and reporting to routing and scheduling, this global fleet tracking company is the complete provider of vehicle- and asset-tracking solutions. The company’s executive leadership had ambitious sales growth goals and needed an expert digital marketing team with a proven track record of success they could depend on to optimize their performance and manage their Google Ads campaigns. AIS Media delivered.


The AIS Media optimized Google Ads PPC campaign not only met but widely exceeded objectives by delivering a phenomenal 88.04% return on advertising spend (ROAS), year over year.

239.01% Increase in Leads
47.01% Reduction in Cost per Lead
88.04% Increase in ROAS (Return-on-Ad-Spend)

Client Feedback

“Great team. Outstanding attention to detail. Honest and trustworthy. Very responsive. If you’re looking for a real partner, be sure to schedule a call with AIS Media, Inc.”


Brian G., Communications Manager

Action Plan

Objective: Grow active client contracts through an integrated high-performance digital marketing and sales plan.

Method: AIS Media closely collaborated with the company’s internal marketing team to plan, execute and manage a comprehensive Google Ads (PPC) strategy that would consistently deliver a steady stream of targeted leads to the sales team.

Through access to historic PPC campaign performance, AIS Media conducted the following audit to build a PPC strategy leveraging the most effective elements of campaigns, while funneling ad spend away from lower-performing campaigns.

  1. Campaign structure
  2. Keyword performance
  3. Ad copy relevance and brand alignment
  4. Landing page effectiveness
  5. Competitive landscape
  6. Bidding and targeting strategies

Upon completion of the audit, AIS Media optimized PPC performance and assumed responsibility for the day-to-day management of the campaign.

  • Target CPA bidding. AIS Media used target CPA bidding to define bids and budget to align structure campaigns by tolerable CPA by product / service category. Calculating and setting the target CPA was determined by the following metrics: PPC lead closing rates and average contract value.
  • A/B split testing. AIS Media isolated testing variables to leverage the most effective elements of copy creative and tested their performance.
  • Negative keyword management. Irrelevant, duplicated or unspecified search queries were eliminated to instead focus ad spend on high-performance keywords to help cut down on costs.
  • Real-time bid management. AIS Media leveraged Google Ads’ machine learning and “smart” capabilities to efficiently respond to optimal targeting setting such as device type, geographic, demographic, dayparting and audience targeting.

Through the year, AIS Media’s incremental and strategic PPC optimizations improved both quality score and ad rank, which allowed the fleet tracking company to reduce annual ad spend while maintaining sales lead goals.

Results Delivered

PPC Lead Count Percentage Increase

The AIS Media-managed PPC campaign continued to deliver a quarterly increase in leads. By the end of the first 12 months, the company realized a 239.01% growth in leads over the prior year. 

PPC Cost Per Lead Percentage Differential

While the volume of leads exceeded goals, AIS Media also reduced the cost per lead 47.01% within 12 months. 

In the end, the executive leadership was delighted with how AIS Media greatly surpassed the company’s ambitious goals increasing leads and reducing the cost per lead at the same time. With an exceptional Google Ads strategy, the fleet tracking company was thriving like never before thanks to the partnership with AIS Media.

AIS Media is an Atlanta digital marketing agency focused on search engine optimization (SEO), digital strategy, social media, and pay per click (PPC). AIS Media’s goal is to lift brand awareness, drive site traffic, and grow businesses to surpass their expectations.

Founded more than 20 years ago, AIS Media works with businesses ranging from small tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. While digital marketing agencies come and go, award-winning AIS Media has stood the test of time through one simple aspect: putting the client first. Just like with the global fleet tracking company, AIS Media wants each client to grow and see their business expand through exceptional paid search and SEO services.

Need an expert digital marketing partner to develop, execute and manage a Google Ads (PPC) campaign for your business? Reach out to the award-winning AIS Media today to get your complimentary consultation and quote: 404-751-1043

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