Client Success Story

Ecommerce SEO Services Boost Ski Shop’s Online Sales Revenue 73%

Rocky Mountain Ski and Board wanted to dramatically increase revenue. Recognizing that a large majority of customers today shop and buy ski gear online, they realized the need for a solid search marketing strategy to drive shoppers to their online store. They needed a solid digital marketing partner with a proven track record in e-commerce SEO. So, they turned to AIS Media. The outcome: a dramatic increase in Google page #1 SEO rankings, site traffic and a significant increase in online sales year-over-year.

+77.33% Increase In Organic Traffic
+73.23% Increase In Organic Traffic Revenue

Our Action Plan

Skiers and snowboarders across the country start shopping for gear from November and extend through February, Rocky Mountain’s prime sales months. So, the AIS Media SEO team started preparing two seasons early, the summer before.

Rocky Mountain carries more than 70 different ski and snowboard brands, so we identified and optimized the store’s highest-value keywords — those with the highest search volume and with the highest PPC prices.

Across the country, there are countless direct competitors vying for Rocky Mountain’s customers. In order to grow the store’s presence online, we identified several key players and reverse-engineered their on-page SEO strategies. We found several crucial tactics that we brought the website. Then, we brought compliance with Google’s latest SEO standards by correcting a wide range of technical issues. We optimized the content for each brand page, and guided SEO for every product added as we neared peak season.

Our hard work paid off. By the time ski season came around, their high-value keywords were already on page-1. The result was a major lift in organic traffic, which lead to exceeding annual sales projections. Clearly, our SEO program connected Rocky Mountain Ski and Board with ready-to-buy shoppers.

Results We Achieved

Organic Traffic


The ski store reached a significant increase in their annual revenue, exceeding targets. AIS achieved a 77% increase in organic traffic year-over-year for peak season months. This increased online presence brought 73% increase in revenue from organic traffic year over year.

Client Feedback

“Our revenue right now is up about 300% over the same time last year. AIS Media is doing a bang-up job!”


-Bob Lovett, Owner