New Email Marketing Rules for 2015

Must Know Email Marketing Trends for 2015

In part three of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how email marketing will transition from workhorse to overachiever in 2015.

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Email use continues to grow.  According to Forrester, 72 percent of US online adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least weekly. Nurturing potential buyers with email marketing can help your organization stay top-of-mind. Email offers the opportunity to develop consumer relationships with a variety of information and advice tailored to their specific needs that can help to maintain their overall interest and influence action.

How are you going to prepare your email marketing practices for 2015? There are six steps.

Step one: Build your email list

The first step in email marketing is how to build your email list. When taking into consideration that 77 percent of people prefer to receive permission based email marketing messages, opt-in email options need to be a top marketing priority for your company. When building a quality email marketing list, you must always test and segment your list as well.

Step two: Segmentation

There are three different types of segmentation: Geographic, behavioral and purchasing power. Don’t treat everyone on your email list the same. Simple segmentation can help increase conversions in the long run. Segmenting allows you to match content to recipients’ interests, creating a level of personalization that can achieve far greater results.

Step three: Compelling Content

The third step in email marketing is that compelling content is key. Relevancy is unique to each consumer and should be customized to reach the right person at the right time. For every email you are preparing to send, make sure it meets the content checklist criteria:

  • Relevant to the audience
  • Compelling subject line
  • High quality images
  • Based on one central idea
  • Clear CTA

By using the content checklist, consumers will be compelled to seek more in-depth content from emails, driving traffic to learn more through your website.

Step four: Mobile

Are you wondering how mobile will come into play in 2015? In the last five years mobile internet users have become greater than desktop internet users and this continues to rise. This makes mobile your first priority when it comes to email marketing.  The first question you need to ask yourself is, are your emails touch-friendly? If they aren’t they should be. The next step with mobile is creating responsive design. Responsive design and designing for context propels email performance.

Fact: emails with social sharing buttons increase click- through rates (CTRS) 158 percent.

Step five: Social Sharing

There is no denying that we live in a social media world. While email marketing has still been shown to give the largest ROI on investment, it would be a bad marketing practice for 2015 to not consider how to implement social sharing and the opportunity to grow your social network base into your email templates. Social sharing encourages your email subscribers to share email content through social networks and join your social networks.

Step 6: Timing

The sixth and final step for preparing your email marketing for 2015 is the science of timing. There are certain times to keep in mind when sending your email campaigns. Data suggests that there are distinct windows in which to send emails. Subscribers are likely to open emails after 12pm and the most active hours are from 2-5pm. When it comes to days, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the highest volume days.

By 2015 most of your competitors will be fine tuning their email marketing best practices. If you aren’t practicing any of these steps in email marketing, start now or be left behind!

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