The Evolution of Digital Marketing

In the past 18 years, technology has revolutionized the customer journey. Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the birth of the banner ad, organic and paid search, ecommerce, online promotions, email marketing, social media, mobile advertising, mobile apps, marketing automation and the list goes on.

Technology and Marketing are now inseparable…but it wasn’t always this way!

When AIS Media, Inc. was founded in 1997 the average American spent 30 minutes online each day. In 2014 it is estimated that an average American spent 11 hours on the internet each day. While 41 percent of those internet users in 1997 spent their time perusing; now 67 percent of Americans check their smart phones frequently throughout the day even without notifications. Talk about a transformation!

In the last decade alone we have gone from being tech-savvy to tech dependent. Digital behavior has completely changed the relationship between the buyer and the seller. With more internet users comes more researching on behalf of the consumer. Instead of researching and talking to a salesperson, consumers now do a lot of their decision making on their smartphones.

Below we have put together a timeline to show the digital marketing evolution since 1990 and how our marketing efforts have been shaped (for the better) along the way.

Evolution of Marketing AIS

The evolution of marketing and the customer journey will never become stagnant. There are far more exciting advances to expect in the future. What we have seen since we opened our doors in 1997 are just hints of the more exciting developments in digital and human creativity.