• An SEO Guide for Healthcare Marketers

Healthcare Marketing: The Science Behind Keyword Selection

During “The Science Behind Keyword Selection,” an SEO guide for healthcare marketers webinar, attendees learned keyword selection best practices and common mistakes to avoid in order to achieve search marketing success.

The webinar focused on the five elements of keyword selection.

  1. Competitive Intelligence

The first step in keyword selection is identifying your top 3 competitors. You might now truly know who your competitors are. They aren’t just the company that is next to you on google!  Once you have identified who your competitors are here’s what to look for:

  • The keywords your competitors rank for and you don’t
  • The keywords you rank for and your competitors don’t
  • The volume of branded key terms
  1. High Volume Key Words

What’s the reality of volume? Position one and two attract close to 40 percent of all clicks. The key takeaway is that getting to position one with less volume creates an easier opportunity to get there.

  1. Relevancy

Filter for relevance.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Do you have content on your site that speaks to the keyword?
  • If you were a patient would this be a keyword worth writing for?
  • Is your keyword service or industry related?
  1. Intent

Who are you trying to reach? The first step is defining your target audience by building your patient personas and defining what your patients are searching for. To define what your target audience in searching for you must have answer the following questions:

  • Do we show how we are different?
  • Is trust an issue with our service?
  • What are patients trying to accomplish?
  1. The Keyword Selection

Remember to avoid friction and guide patients where they want to go. Before the final step of keyword selection ask yourself:  will this person buy my services based on the keyword?

Takeaways for search marketing success are:

  • It is not just about volume.
  • Relevancy is about your patient and what they are looking for.
  • Take time to research so your list of keywords is solid and offers a measurable ROI and new patients.

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