How to Get the Right SEO Partner for your Business

Virtually every business today can benefit from an expert SEO partner to support their overall digital marketing efforts. But not all SEO agencies are the same. Here are the top factors to consider:

The size of your website. Managing the SEO strategy for a website with 100,000 pages requires different management techniques than a website with 1,000 pages or even 100. Greater autonomy and manpower are necessary to create and update quality content, metadata, and internal linking strategy.

International SEO. If your company does business in more than one country, you need an enterprise SEO company to handle the different websites and languages. When it comes to content creation and keyword strategy, you need to make sure one website isn’t cannibalizing another’s rankings.

Multiple domains. If your company markets under more than one brand, your SEO strategy needs to align amongst these different entities. This is similar to managing international companies, as explained above.

Branding guidelines. Tight guidelines for portraying your brand can often complicate keyword strategy in on-site and off-site content. Creatively working within these guidelines is an important part of an enterprise SEO company’s skill set.

Legal guidelines. Depending on the industry, your company may have certain legal guidelines that your content team needs to be aware of. It’s important that your enterprise SEO company is able to understand these guidelines, relay them internally, and to outside publications for content publishing.

Multiple managers. Large organizations tend to have multiple departments that all have a hand in the marketing matrix. Working in cohesion with all these different departments to ensure all tactics are running smoothly is a highlight of an enterprise SEO company.

Website control. It’s common for large organizations to retain control of their websites, CMS, or hosting service. To manage a digital marketing strategy, your enterprise SEO company must be able to manage the relationships with various IT teams to ensure SEO changes are implemented in a timely and efficient manner.

How AIS Media Stands Out from Other Enterprise SEO Companies

As you may have gathered above, not all SEO agencies can provide enterprise SEO services. When researching your next SEO agency, consider the following attributes of an enterprise SEO company.

Full-time staff. An enterprise-level SEO strategy requires the involvement of many different specialists from analysts to strategists, copywriters, designers, and developers. To ensure that everyone is on the same page and updates remain consistent, you need an entire team working together full-time. Using outside resources such as freelancers can hinder progress and provide inconsistent messaging across your website.

Content marketing. An enterprise SEO strategy requires more than just creating a few unique blog posts every month. It’s also important to distribute that content through social channels and industry influencers. You’ll also want to perform a content audit periodically and see if you have any old content that you can repurpose and get more value out of. Having a dedicated content specialist can ensure you’re getting the most from your valuable content resources.

Development. On-site optimization requires front-end and back-end modifications that can either be completed by the enterprise SEO company, or your internal IT staff under close direction. Your SEO company needs to have a strong grasp of web design, programming languages, and CMSs.

Account management. An enterprise SEO campaign involves a lot of hands between the agency, the client, and outside sources. If the account is not carefully handled by a competent manager, the execution will flounder.

When searching for an enterprise SEO company, you have to consider the relationship as well as the technical expertise. You should enjoy working with them because there will be a lot of communication throughout the program, but you also want to work with an industry expert. Call AIS Media today to explore if partnering with our team is right for you: 404-751-1043 or fill out our online form.

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