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Need an expert digital marketing and SEO team to grow your search engine rankings, site traffic and sales?

Fact: 97% of customers research online today before they buy. So, getting your site ranked at the top of Google search results can be the deciding factor between your business’ success or failure online.

AIS Media’s award-winning SEO services blend over 15 years of professional content development experience with technical SEO expertise and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology to achieve top search engine rankings for even the most competitive, high-value keywords.

Top SEO Company AtlantaPut one of the nation’s top-ranked digital marketing agencies to work for your business.

AIS Media has been honored with the prestigious Clutch award for Top SEO Company 2018, as well market leader awards in the Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing categories.

To win a Clutch award in these highly competitive categories, AIS Media must be a market leader based on exceptional demonstrated client results through an independent expert review. To see how AIS Media clients responded during an independent expert interview about their experience and results while working with us, check out our Clutch profile.

Eye Doctor SEO Services

Client Results

20% increase in new patient
appointments within 12 Weeks.

New Vision Eye Center needed an expert digital marketing partner to help grow their practice. So, they called AIS Media. During the first 12 weeks, our comprehensive SEO strategy produced a 90% increase in Google page #1 rankings, 117% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in new patient appointments.

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Trailer Manufacturing SEO Services

Client Results

“More units sold in Jan/Feb 2017 than in all of 2014/2015”

For heavy-duty hydraulic trailer manufacturer, Drop Deck Depot, AIS Media’s search marketing program boosted organic Google rankings 600% and site traffic 22.23% in the first 60 days. “We’re selling a sh*t-ton of trailers. I’m extremely satisfied with the results.” -Barry Doyle, President

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Pediatric Dentist SEO Services

Client Results

750% increase in Google page #1 rank and a flood of new patients

For Long Beach, CA pediatric dentist, FUNtastic, AIS Media’s search marketing program increased Google page #1 rankings 750% and organic site traffic 375%. “I’m very pleased with AIS Media’s SEO work. We receive more calls from our site every month and our practice is growing.” -Bob Stella, Founder

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Ecommerce retail SEO services

Client Results

73% lift in ski shop’s online sales year over year.

When Rocky Mountain Ski & Board wanted to increase online sales revenue and needed a partner with solid e-commerce SEO experience, they called AIS Media. The result: organic site traffic increased 77.33%. Online sales lifted 73.23% over the prior year. “Our target revenue for the year is up significantly. AIS Media did a bang-up job!” -Bob Lovett, Owner

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Medical PPC Management

Client Results

1,266% increase in leads, 87% lead cost reduction.

Biotheranostics offers life-saving cancer diagnostic products. After AIS Media optimized PPC advertising performance, lead volume and conversion rates increased 1,260% and 223.5% respectively, while lead cost was reduced 87%. “Our products have exceeded sales projections month over month.” - J. Nguyen, Marketing Manager

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Our SEO services include:

Atlanta SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit
The SEO analysis is a critical first step to any successful SEO campaign. Our technical SEO audit reviews technical aspects of your site that influence search engine rankings. We review your web design, content, site speed, mobile friendliness, accessibility, and security elements. The SEO audit identifies a wide range of technical aspects that negatively impact your SEO rank and identifies SEO tactics which will most improve your rankings. Learn more about our approach to Technical SEO.

On Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO
Referring to both the content and HTML source of a page, on-page SEO focuses on resolving technical issues which adversely affect how search engines rank your website. We then optimize your page titles, tags, keyword/phrase, content, and overall page structure. Improper on-page SEO not only negatively impacts your rank compared to your competitor, it can prevent pages from being indexed or found at all. Once completed, routine updates to keywords, descriptions, etc. help ensure your pages remain competitive within the search engines. Learn more about our On-Page SEO services.

seo link building services

Off-site SEO / Link Building
Off-site SEO involves increasing your website’s authority by acquiring high-quality, inbound links. The general thought is that if a lot of sites want to link to your site, you must be providing relevant, high-quality content. Watch out for “black hat” backlink farms which can result in your site being barred from search engines. Instead, focus on press releases and blog posts, particularly guest blogs on third party sites. All of these generate inbound links which in turn drive higher SEO ranking. Learn more about our SEO Link Building services.

Mobile SEO services

Mobile SEO
The majority of internet traffic today originates from mobile devices. Many mobile users use their smartphones and tablets for everything from directions to product comparisons, ratings and reviews, and purchases. Mobile SEO requires a unique strategy to ensure users can find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. The ideal strategy involves optimizing for fast page loading times and a smooth and intuitive user interface. Learn more about our Mobile SEO services.

SEO Copy Writing Services

SEO Copywriting
A winning content strategy is fundamental to achieving high SEO rankings. Your content must be written in a way to properly contain the target keywords of your SEO program. However, the final web copy not only needs to increase SEO rankings, it must also convert site visitors into paying customers. That’s where our professional SEO writers come in. Our team produces unique content that appeals to both search engines and your target audience. Learn more about our SEO Copywriting services.

Social Media SEO Services

Social SEO
Social media offers unique opportunities for increasing brand awareness, enhancing credibility, and for building additional external links to your SEO-centric content. Social media profiles are often among the top results in search listings for brand names. People today no longer search only on traditional search engines like Google and Bing. They also use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. These social channels are becoming the next-generation search engines. Our team, therefore, optimizes your content for both traditional search engines and social search engines. Learn more about our Social SEO services.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO
If your business isn’t listed on page #1, you’re missing out on a significant number of paying customers and sending business to your competitors. Local SEO is important for businesses with a physical location and those that cater to customers who are searching on mobile devices. Local SEO techniques include claiming local directory listings, building local citations, and on-page optimization. Our team systematically improves your maps listings by completing your profiles, claiming missing listings, encouraging reviews, and standardizing NAP data. We achieve this through schema markup, NAP data, and localized keyword optimization. Learn more about our Local SEO services.

Video SEO

Video SEO
Each year, video marketing grows larger and has now surpassed Google as the most popular search engine. With over one billion hours of video watched per day on YouTube, it’s become the place to be on the internet. However, it can also be hard to tap into this market if you’re not prepared with the right tools, skills, and tactics. Hiring the right video SEO company is crucial to ensuring your business is found among the multitudes already on the platform. But, what exactly is video SEO and how do you know if it’s right for your business? Trust the experts at AIS Media to answer these questions and more. Learn more about our Video SEO services.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO
Ecommerce businesses survive and thrive through online visibility. Every eCommerce business is different, and therefore requires a customized SEO strategy to market and compete for business online. We know the journey from manufacturer to customer. We know how to find motivated searchers and market to them. We know what it takes to profit from online search. Our data-driven approach to eCommerce has propelled the growth and development of our clients. Learn more about our eCommerce SEO services.

B2B SEO Agency

If you’re working in a B2B industry, how you develop your website and digital marketing strategy is different from that of B2C companies for three reasons: the price of the product, number of decision makers, and length of buying cycle. Because prices tend to be higher, there are more decision makers involved, and the buying cycle is much longer than B2C transactions, a B2B organization faces a more competitive search engine results page (SERP). You need a trusted B2B SEO agency on your side to help you navigate the complexities of digital marketing for B2Bs. Learn more about our B2B SEO services.

Small Business SEO Services

Small Business SEO
A small business needs a more targeted, personalized, and unique strategy in order to stand out from their competitors in the SERPs. Savvy small business owners know the value and power that small business SEO services can provide in gaining an edge over their competition. AIS Media’s expert SEO strategy has been proven time and time again to increase rankings, in turn driving traffic and leads. There are many factors that make SEO unique for small businesses. It’s important to make sure your SEO company can handle them. Learn more about our Small Business SEO services.

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO
Large organizations need an SEO company with a proven track record in managing large digital marketing initiatives. Enterprise SEO uses many of the same SEO tactics that apply to small businesses, but with one key difference: the scale! Enterprise-level SEO Services require a more structured, sophisticated, cross-domain on and off-page strategy due to the large-scale, size, and complexity of their business goals. Learn about our enterprise SEO services.

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Barry Doyle

President, DropDeckDepot.com

"I'm extremely satisfied with the results from
AIS Media's SEO services... We're selling
a sh*t-ton of trailers!"


Randy Scott

President, Southern Staircase

"We've worked with AIS Media for the past 12 months,
and the results are fantastic... 1st page rankings are at an all-time high.
All metrics are trending in the right direction!"


Frankie Gashler

Director of Marketing PromoMatting

"Since teaming with AIS Media, our website is generating
more leads than ever. It’s now our top source of new sales leads!"


Carrie Adams

Director of Marketing
New Vision Eye Center

"AIS Media’s quality of work is extremely high. I’m spending
75% less on our PPC, while delivering organic website traffic
and tangible ROI!"

We measure our success by our clients’ business growth.

At AIS Media, we measure our success by your success. And we LOVE to win! That’s why we assign you a personal Client Success Manager at our Atlanta office, who routinely reviews the performance of your SEO program with you and provides you timely recommendations to maximize the performance of your website to ensure you get maximum return on investment from your SEO program.

You also get 24/7 access to your private dashboard, which contains easy-to-read reports that clearly illustrate how well your SEO program is performing.

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