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Do you need an Atlanta PPC management program to drive a large volume of targeted prospects to your website quickly and cost-effectively?

PPC (pay-per-click) management and advertising is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Studies show that 62% of search engine users with “high commercial intent” (those most likely to buy), click on sponsored (PPC) ads.

However, running a PPC advertising campaign that actually delivers the type of visitors that convert into sales without burning through your ad budget can be a complex, daunting task. You need to conduct deep keyword research, write highly-effective PPC ads, continually monitor and test your ads, modify your bids, and correlate your PPC site traffic to conversions.

To get the absolute best return on investment, you need sophisticated tools.

Premier Atlanta PPC Management

When you partner with AIS Media (Google AdWords Certified Partner), you leverage an entire team of highly experienced and trusted Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified professionals with a 17-year proven track record of success. In addition, we’ve made significant investments in state-of-the-art PPC management platforms and developed custom tools and methodologies to maximize the performance of your PPC campaign.

AIS Media’s expert Atlanta PPC management team can develop, execute and fully manage your Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns so you can focus on your business. Our PPC services include:

Medical PPC Management

Client Results

1,266% increase in leads, 87% lead cost reduction.

Biotheranostics offers life-saving cancer diagnostic products. After AIS Media optimized PPC advertising performance, lead volume and conversion rates increased 1,260% and 223.5% respectively, while lead cost was reduced 87%. “Our products have exceeded sales projections month over month.” - J. Nguyen, Marketing Manager

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Client Results

35.75% reduction in PPC lead costs, 36.40% increase in site conversions.

WIFH needed an expert digital marketing partner to help grow their practice. So, they called AIS Media. AIS Media’s efforts resulted in money saved, more traffic to their website, and an increase in the number of patients to the practice, all while improving their brand awareness across multiple channels for WIFH.

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Client Results

20.55% increase in PPC traffic.

Birmingham Orthodontics approached AIS Media to develop and optimize a new website for their growing practice with our expert web design, SEO and PPC services. Delivering SEO strategy and PPC management, AIS Media, the premier Atlanta SEO company maximized the volume of visitors with an end result of converting them into new patients

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We measure our success in PPC management by your business growth.

When you partner with AIS Media, you’re well on your way to a high-efficiency, results-driven PPC campaign. There are six repeating steps we use to build and maintain your PPC campaign to ensure maximum ROI:

1. Keyword Research

In this preliminary stage, our team carefully reviews your business, industry, and keyword demand. Our research determines the popular keywords people use to search for your business, products, or services. You let us know which keywords are most relevant to your business so we can optimize your campaign around them.

2. Competitive Research

Our competitive SEO analysis identifies and tracks top paid search competitors (known and discovered). We combine our initial research and optimized budget recommendation with your competitors’ keywords and estimated budget to continue to build your PPC campaign.

3. PPC Campaign Building and Optimization

If you’ve never run a PPC campaign: Steps #1-2 are critical for your early performance through PPC. Without proper keyword research, you are wasting your advertising budget on terms that your customers aren’t searching for. With new campaigns, we will build and manage your account according to Google’s best practices.
If you already run a PPC campaign: Repeating steps #1-2 is also critical if you need increased performance. Our team will audit your existing PPC account to determine which settings we can leverage for better results. Our campaign audit will identify key areas for improvement so your campaign can be set back on the right track to ensure the campaign aligns with your business goals.

4. PPC Quality Score Optimization

In order to use your PPC budget most effectively, maintaining high Quality Scores is critical. A Quality Score is a metric defined by Google AdWords to determine how relevant your ad and landing page are to the user’s search query/keyword. Having a higher Quality Score than your competitor allows your ad to show above theirs for the same bid amount. For this reason, high Quality Scores lower both your cost per click and your cost per conversion. atlanta ppc management
There are three components that comprise your Quality Score (assigned to every keyword in your account):
Ad relevance: We write your ad copy to improve your ad’s relevance to the keywords selected in steps #1-2. This copy represents your business, so you have final say over what runs on your account. We will ensure your recommendations match Google’s best practices when adding ads to your account.
Landing page experience: Once a user clicks your ad, your opportunity to secure a lead and/or sale starts at your landing page. Google knows that it is critical that your landing page answers the user’s intent behind their keyword search. If your landing page does not speak to the user’s keyword anywhere on the page, or even far below-the-fold, your “Landing Page Experience” may be deemed “Below Average” and affect your Quality Score. Our experts will recommend copy changes where necessary in order to improve the user’s “Landing Page Experience”. We also may recommend and implement A/B and multivariate split testing to improve your site’s conversion rates through performance data.
Expected CTR (click-through-rate): This metric measures your keyword’s historic CTR to predict how well your ad will perform in future searches. In order to improve your ad’s CTR, we will audit the ads you’re running and the campaign organization to ensure we deliver the right keyword to the most suitable ad.

5. Measure Results

In order to provide our clients with even deeper insights than what are available through Google AdWords, we implement heat maps to track users’ experience and where their eye is drawn to on the screen. We meet on a regularly determined basis to review the data together and identify areas of improvement, threats and challenges, and determine our plan of action to improve website traffic, engagement, and conversions.

6. Improve Results

We collect and evaluate data to suggest the proper course of action based on our years of expertise. We hold a rapid planning session to identify threats and challenges that may withhold success. These sessions are built to further improve your results and identify short and long term opportunities.

Work with Our Atlanta PPC Management Team of Experts

At AIS Media, we measure our success by your success. And we LOVE to win!

We assign you a personal Client Success Manager at our Atlanta office, who routinely reviews the performance of your PPC program with you and provides you with timely recommendations to maximize the performance of your website to ensure you get maximum return on investment from your AdWords/Bing Ads program.

You can also set your reporting frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly for frequent access to your campaign data. These reports are in an easy-to-read format that clearly illustrates how well your PPC program is performing.