Maximize Your Online Presence with a Video SEO Company

Each year, video marketing grows larger and has now surpassed Google as the most popular search engine.

With over one billion hours of video watched per day on YouTube, it’s become the place to be on the internet.

However, it can also be hard to tap into this market if you’re not prepared with the right tools, skills, and tactics. Hiring the right video SEO company is crucial to ensuring your business is found among the multitudes already on the platform. But, what exactly is video SEO and how do you know if it’s right for your business? Trust the experts at AIS Media to answer these questions and more.

Video SEO CompanyWhat is Video SEO?

Not only can videos show up in organic search results, Google even has a tab that users can select to show only video results. Creating stellar video content is only half the battle. It must also be optimized appropriately. Since Google’s bots can’t actually watch your video, they rely on a trail of clues you give to make sure they are showing the best possible results to users. These clues include the title and description of your video, but also range from closed captions to backlinks, to tags and categories. But again, it’s not enough to just have these elements filled out when you upload your video. They also need to be keyword-centric, and that’s where a video SEO company comes in handy.

All of SEO is based on keyword strategy.

If you don’t know what keywords to target, all your digital marketing efforts are for nothing. It’s important to choose the keywords that people are searching for, but you can still be competitive in. Just because a keyword has 100,000 searches per month doesn’t mean it’s best for your strategy. You may want to try something with 1,000 or 500 searches per month. Sure, there’s fewer people searching for it, but it’s likely to be easier to rank at the top.

Is Video SEO Right for Me?

Depending on your business and what industry you are in, your video content can take many different forms.

  • If you’re an eCommerce business selling products to consumers, you can create short videos that explain how each product works.
  • If you offer software or a platform to other businesses, you can create video tutorials that answer frequently asked questions about navigating your product.
  • Healthcare professionals can film procedures being formed, office tours, or how equipment works to help ease patients’ minds before an appointment.
  • In any business, you can film video testimonials from satisfied customers or clients to post on your website. This also enhances trust to potential new customers visiting your site.

There are many ways to use video content in your digital marketing efforts, and the right video SEO company will be able to help you determine where your time and money is best spent.

Okay, You’ve Convinced Me. Now What?

The world of SEO is always changing and it’s important to make sure you can keep up. If you’re looking for a video SEO company to enhance your digital marketing strategy, consider AIS Media. With over 20 years in business we know what Google is looking for and have honed our skills to help propel our clients to the top of the search engine results pages. Call us today at 404-751-1043 or reach out online to learn more about how we can work together.

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