Client Success Story

AIS Media Delivers 88.78% Increase in Cost-per-Conversion Savings and 32% New Customer Growth in 6 Months for Leading Cryptocurrency Company

The Challenge

A leading cryptocurrency ATM company needed an expert digital marketing partner to support their rapidly-growing business by optimizing the performance of their PPC advertising and SEO services.

While launching their new website, the company needed assistance achieving top organic search engine rankings in an extremely competitive space — especially as they continued to enter new markets, both across the U.S. and abroad. They needed an expert digital marketing partner with a stellar reputation and proven track record of success. So, they reached out to AIS Media.

With a new website ready to launch and rapidly growing business, the cryptocurrency company had ambitious goals and high expectations. The company’s leadership team recognized achieving top organic search engine rankings and optimizing PPC budgets in each local market would be critical for attracting the maximum number of new customers to their ATMs.

+88.78% Increase in Cost-per-Conversion
+32% New Customer Growth

“AIS is one of the most consistent and positive partnerships available. Their work is not only precise, quality, and timely but also innovative, helping us create new systems that are customized specifically for our very unique and niche business. I would recommend AIS to anyone looking to efficiently grow their brand online.”

Juan Carrion, Cryptocurrency Company Marketing Specialist

Our Action Plan

Creating a Hyper-Local PPC Marketing Strategy

When AIS Media first began to work with the company, existing PPC campaigns targeted broad metro-areas for all ATMs. The AIS Media PPC team reviewed internal customer data to determine the maximum distance customers would travel to ATMs.

To maximize return on ad spend (ROAS), AIS Media leveraged Google PPC, Display and Video Ads to create hyper-focused geographic targeted campaigns for each ATM location. The effectiveness of each campaign was closely monitored and measured to optimize the daily, weekly and monthly budget.

AIS Media and the cryptocurrency team closely collaborated to scale their budget to ensure each of their ATM locations would reach the maximum number of customers, while simultaneously reducing their cost per acquisition through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

The Results

Within just the first 6 months, the company realized a 32% increase in new customers through AIS Media-managed paid and organic search campaigns.

Within 12 months, the company realized an 88.78% reduction in cost per acquisition – 1/5 of the average cost in their industry. PPC marketing became a top driver of new customers with the lowest cost per acquisition of any advertising channel.

Targeting Key Areas Through Local SEO Services

AIS Media focused on building an organic presence in several large cities the cryptocurrency company wanted to dominate. Through SEO services including keyword research, heavily searched keywords for each city were tracked and used through organic content on the website to improve search results.

Since the cryptocurrency’s website was new, AIS Media’s SEO team optimized both the website content and code to ensure the site was fully crawlable by Google and targeted the correct keywords cryptocurrency searchers use.

The company was uniquely positioned. Each one of their “products” (ATMs) were located across a multitude of cities in the U.S. To properly optimize the site for these location-based keywords, separate location pages were created for each major city with SEO content added to help elevate traffic in each location.

While the website was optimized with location page specific keywords, a complementary SEO strategy was created to optimize rankings on “Google Maps”. This was accomplished by optimizating Google My Business pages, Google’s #1 resource for indexing local businesses in ranking for “Maps”.

The AIS Media team optimized each ATM location’s Google My Business profile to lift organic search rankings. The SEO team optimized and monitored each Google My Business listing to ensure it remained updated. Any inaccurate information that might confuse or discourage a potential customer was edited or removed.

Finally, keyword-rich “Google Posts” were added to the individual ATM locations using popular searched terms such as “Miami Bitcoin ATM Near Me” to target specific searchers that were ready to use an ATM.

“Google Posts” are Google’s latest development in a series of updates to their My Business platform to help local business owners communicate with their current and prospective customers right from the first page of Google.

Website Conversions Percentage Increase

An Award-Winning Partnership

After the first year of working with AIS Media, the cryptocurrency company not only surpassed its business goals, the company were also recognized by The 2020 Communicator Awards for excellence in Display Advertising for B2C Online Advertising & Marketing. The company’s digital marketing strategy delivered 88.78% reduction in cost per acquisition and a 32% increase in new customers.

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