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Mortgage Company Grows Google Organic Page #1 Rankings 250% in 4 Months with AIS Media Local SEO Services and Unique Content Marketing

BrightPath, a leading Atlanta-based mortgage lender, needed top Google rankings for its target keywords to drive site traffic and a steady stream of qualified sales leads. The company needed an expert digital marketing partner with a proven track record of success in their industry to implement a high-performance SEO strategy. So, they reached out to AIS Media. Within the first four months, organic page #1 Google rankings increased 250%.

Implementing Keyword Research and Organic Content to Improve Local Search Results

BrightPath was in the midst of launching their new website. AIS Media closely worked with the BrightPath team to properly optimize their website. Google cites:

“The best time to hire [an SEO company] is when you’re considering a site redesign or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up.”

Experienced in site launches and technical search engine optimization (SEO), AIS Media developed a comprehensive technical SEO and content marketing strategy.

The Challenge

BrightPath operates in the extremely competitive mortgage industry. Developing an effective organic search marketing strategy required a well-planned content marketing plan based on BrightPath’s highest value keywords – those most heavily searched by the company’s target customers.  

AIS Media’s content marketing research guided local SEO services. Keywords focused on specific loans from a “first time homebuyer loan” to a “self-employed loan” that had a steady amount of search volume BrightPath needed to secure.

To help BrightPath rank for these popular terms, fresh content was created monthly for the website in their “Learning Center” to target these top keywords while also providing relevant content that showed the mortgage company as experts in their industry.

Success, however, does not come without its fair share of challenges. When the new site went live, not all content and images transferred over. Pages with broken links and non-existent images can hurt a website.

Having a pre and post-launch SEO plan helps mitigate risk of launching a new site and losing critical keyword rankings held by the previous site. Launching a site without this SEO plan not only can negatively affect your rankings in the short-term, but it also gives your competitors a long-term ability to capture your previously held rankings.

To address this and ensure optimal site health, the local SEO team aggressively fixed critical errors on their website, including:

  • Content updates
  • Link functions
  • Search-optimizing images with descriptions and ALT tags.

This way, the image could also appear in Google image results when potential customers searched.

+250% Page #1 Rankings
+178% Organic Site Traffic
+213% Web Leads

Our Action Plan

Building Stronger, Unique Service Pages

While BrightPath had valuable, authoritative content to help their current and prospective clients, it was under-performing in keyword optimization required to boost rankings on the coveted first page of Google.

The local SEO team took a look at the pages the company wanted to rank highly on Google and grab customers’ attention – Services pages (“sales” content describing each of their services).

After careful review, each page was given its own special treatment to ensure that it was not only fully optimized, but it contained unique and informative content to set it apart from all the other mortgage and finance companies.

The team expanded each page with the appropriate amount of content to make it readable on Google, while carefully selected keywords matching the search terms their customers used were optimized seamlessly into the content.

Accessing Google My Business for Powerful Local SEO Services            

As the website was optimized with keywords and updated content, a local SEO strategy to further optimize rankings went into effect for Google Maps. This was accomplished by optimizing the company’s Google My Business page.

AIS Media’s SEO team optimized BrightPath’s Google My Business profile to lift organic search rankings and ensure the information was accurate and updated. Any inaccurate information that might discourage a potential customer or prevent them from contacting the company was edited or removed.

Keyword-rich “Google Posts” were added based on original content produced for the website using popular searched mortgage and finance terms. These “Google Posts” are Google’s latest updates to their My Business platform designed to help local business owners communicate with current and potential customers from the very first page of Google.

Since these posts allowed BrightPath to have content directly on Google, this strategy helped BrightPath target customers through local SEO not just on their own website, but right from Google itself.

The Results

Within just 4 months of working together with AIS Media’s local SEO services, BrightPath realized a 250% increase in Google page #1 rankings, where they dominated the number one spot for critical customer keywords. Despite a downturn in the economy, their organic traffic continued to rise, producing some of the best months in the company’s history.

Page 1 Rankings

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

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