Holistic healthcare clinic receives a massive 809.52% increase in page #1 Google rankings in just 12 months.

A thriving holistic healthcare clinic was sitting on a wealth of valuable website content, written by leading field experts and PHDs. When “content is king”, they covered all bases. However, higher web traffic did not correlate as a result.

The clinic needed a coordinated SEO strategy to improve their visibility on Google. The healthcare team worked with SEO experts in the past, with moderate results, but knew they could dominate the first page of Google if they implemented strong SEO services tailored specifically to their website full of medical content.

Their team recognized they needed an expert digital marketing partner with a proven track record of success to highlight their expertise and implement a high-performance SEO strategy.

So, they reached out to AIS Media.

Within the first 6 months they started quickly receiving page #1 Google rankings that only increased 809.52% overall in 12 months to deliver the strong SEO strategy they needed.

+809.52% Page #1 Rankings

“When it comes to finding a top notch digital marketing team, look no further than AIS. Their strategic, creative, thorough and results-oriented approach has kept us at the top of our SEO and PPC. The team at AIS not only understands importance of driving traffic to our website but consistently executes converting that traffic so it translates into new customer acquisition.”

Implementing SEO Services for a Wealth of Content

The medical practice had vast resources of subject matter experts, medical copywriters, web developers, and media contacts that were the perfect setup for strong SEO. However, without a balanced oversight through all parties to coordinate a focused SEO strategy, they were drifting along with results on Google, but not the powerful results the company hoped to see.

Since the healthcare clinic operates in a very competitive industry, developing an effective organic search marketing strategy required a well-planned content marketing strategy based on the company’s highest value keywords—those most heavily searched by the clinic’s target audience.

Before they began their strategy, AIS Media did a thorough audit of the website to fix any broken links or images so each page had the right platform to host a powerful SEO strategy. Here they uncovered the mass amount of great content that lacked organization and a clear optimization strategy to help the website rank quickly.

The AIS Media team next turned to keyword research to determine critical areas of focus for the website. Then, collaborating with the healthcare team’s marketing department and the founding doctor of the practice, they guided SEO efforts around a single focus at a time.

Rather than combat all pages at once like previous SEO experts had done, the AIS Media SEO team homed in on specific keyword groups to get the optimization they needed to rank highly on Google before turning their focus to the next group.

Sharpening the Keyword Strategy

For a website filled with informative content, a strategic plan needed to be enacted to sift through and organize the content if they were to see strong results. As each solo keyword group was optimized into the correct content across the website, the keywords moved to the coveted first page of Google. As that group dominated the #1 rankings, AIS Media moved to additional keyword groups while monitoring and defending previously achieved ranks.

By guiding site mapping, developing a strategic content development plan for SEO, conducting technical SEO and internal and external linking strategies, the healthcare clinic saw stellar results in record time.

AIS Media’s strategy of culminating the many resources into a single focus sharpened their SEO effectiveness quickly. With many individuals involved in the project, the search engines took quick notice of the vast content development, linking and keyword focus occurring on the site and the medical practice skyrocketed to the top of Google for their targeted keywords.

Targeting Virtual Customers During a Pandemic

As their strong SEO results rolled in, the pandemic hit causing the healthcare clinic and AIS Media to act quickly to keep the practice thriving during this difficult time.

In-office visits quickly shifted to virtual visits as a way to give patients the security of not having to visit a “brick-and-mortar” office while providing medical support to patients all across the country interested in improving their holistic health.

Office visits still existed with the strict CDC guidelines AIS Media outlined front and center for those wishing to see their doctor in person while remaining safe and secure. However, with more people staying home to protect themselves, the “virtual visits campaign” became the top way for the healthcare clinic to continue operating successfully.

The AIS Media SEO team re-wrote landing pages that currently existed for scheduling a consultation and modified them to focus on the concerns people have about “visiting” a doctor during a pandemic. This ensured potential customers were not missed because of a lack of information. Concerns were addressed with the importance of regular care for customers’ overall health and the ease of staying home while “bringing the doctor right to you” virtually.

AIS Media tapped into the keywords associated with the increased search volume for virtual doctor visits and helped the clinic take advantage early on with increased visibility and traffic. This gave the virtual visits side a massive boost which represented a very low percentage pre-COVID.

In SEO, strategies are always changing depending on the environment. As soon as the pandemic hit, the AIS Media SEO team worked with the doctors to create content about safety precautions early on which earned the practice mass amounts of traffic. The AIS Media SEO team then guided and captured the traffic in conversion points to steer them toward a virtual visit.

Page 1 Rankings

The Results

Within the first 6 months the healthcare clinic received page #1 Google rankings like they had never seen before. The page #1 rankings continued to increase at 809.52% in just 12 months. This delivered the strong SEO services they hoped to receive. Despite a downturn in the economy, their organic traffic continued to rise, producing some of the best months in the clinic’s history.

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