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AIS Media’s SEO Services and Unique Content Marketing Help Mortgage Company Grow Google Organic Page #1 Ranking 250% in 4 Months 

BrightPath, a leading Atlanta-based mortgage lender, needed its target keywords to achieve top Google rankings to drive consistent site traffic and generate a stream of qualified sales leads. As a result, they partnered with expert digital marketing agency AIS Media to implement local SEO services and unique content marketing plans to develop high-performing strategies for success.

After working with the AIS Media team for four months, BrightPath experienced a 250% increase in organic page #1 Google rankings. As a result of these efforts, both teams received the 2021 Gold Communicator Award for excellence in content marketing.

Improving Local Search Results with SEO Services 

When BrightPath contacted AIS Media, they were in the process of launching their new website. Consequently, the teams partnered together to effectively optimize the site. As stated by Google:

“The best time to hire [an SEO company] is when you’re considering a site redesign or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up.”

With extensive experience in developing local SEO services and deploying website launches, AIS Media created comprehensive technical SEO and content marketing strategies to ensure the website launch was a success.

The Challenge

BrightPath operates in the extremely competitive mortgage industry. Therefore, developing an effective search marketing strategy required an intricate content marketing plan based on the company’s highest-value keywords, including those most heavily searched by their target audiences.

The content marketing strategy developed by the AIS Media team guided the local SEO services that were implemented during the website launch. This meant focusing on loan-based keywords with higher search volumes, including first-time home buyer loans and self-employed loans, to increase site traffic.

To get BrightPath ranking for these well-performing keywords, the AIS Media team created new and relevant monthly content on the website’s Learning Center page to target these keywords. Along with boosting traffic to the website, this content established BrightPath as an expert in their industry, which helped enhance their qualified sales leads.

However, success does not come without its fair share of challenges. When the new website first launched, some of the content and images did not transfer over properly, resulting in broken page links and non-existent imagery.

That is why it is critical to partner with a digital marketing agency to develop pre- and post-launch SEO services and plans to mitigate the risks of launching a new website. If these strategies are not implemented before the launch, there exists a major risk of losing critical keyword rankings that were held by the previous website.

To correct these issues and ensure optimal site health moving forward, the team at AIS Media quickly identified and fixed errors during the new website launch, including:

  • Content updates
  • Link functions
  • Search-optimized images containing descriptions and ALT tags
+250% Page #1 Rankings
+178% Organic Site Traffic
+213% Web Leads

Our Action Plan

Building Stronger, Unique Service Pages

While BrightPath had valuable, authoritative content tailored to their current and prospective clients, there were opportunities to enhance keyword optimization to get them ranking on the coveted first page of Google.

The AIS Media team conducted an intensive audit of the company’s Services pages, as these pages needed to rank higher on Google to generate better-qualified sales leads.

After careful review, each Service page was fully optimized with unique and informative content that set the website apart from BrightPath’s leading competitors

The AIS Media team updated the content on each page to incorporate high-performing keywords with proven customer search intent. This content was also optimized to cater to Google’s indexing procedures to help boost page rankings.

Implementing Effective Local SEO Services with Google Business Profile 

After the website was updated with effective keyword implementation and content planning, the AIS Media team developed local SEO services and strategies for Google Business Profile to further enhance BrightPath’s rankings.

This optimized the company’s Google Business Profile by ensuring all information on the profile was accurate and up to date. Any inaccurate and outdated information was edited or completely removed from the platform. This ensured that potential customers could easily and conveniently contact BrightPath to ensure no lead-generation opportunities were missed.

Along with those updates, the AIS Media team consistently created keyword-rich posts on Google Business Profile containing the company’s most-searched mortgage and finance terms. This allowed BrightPath to effectively promote its services and easily connect with customers right from the first page of Google.

Since these posts enabled the company to remain in direct contact with its customers, this helped BrightPath generate targeted leads by implementing local SEO services and strategies, as opposed to relying solely on its website.

The Results

Within just four months of partnering with AIS Media’s team, BrightPath experienced a 250% increase in page #1 Google rankings, in which they consistently ranked in the top position for high-intent keywords. The company also saw a 178% increase in organic site traffic and a 213% increase in web leads.

Despite the recent downturn in the economy and current challenges being faced by the mortgage industry, their organic traffic continued to rise, producing the best-performing months within the company’s history.

Due to these successful outcomes, AIS Media and BrightPath were awarded the 2021 Gold Communicator Award for excellence demonstrated in content marketing.

Page 1 Rankings

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