Paid Search Marketing Services

Paid search marketing is a great way to start off a digital campaign. Paid ads reach your audience quickly, and get users onto your site while you put the necessary time in to get slower-moving campaigns running. Done properly, it provides quick relief for a struggling business.

62% of search engine users with “high commercial intent” (those who are most likely to buy something) click on paid search ads.

Paid search marketing ads always show above organic results, giving you an advantage when trying to reach new customers quickly.atlanta ppc management

The most common type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising happens on the Google Search Network. When you run a Search Network campaign on Google AdWords, you target customers based on the keywords they search for. Your ads will show as search results at the top of the page when customers search for the keywords you’ve chosen to bid on.

Search Network campaigns give you lots of options to find new customers, and to target as many or as few different groups as you want.

If you have one product/service that you really want to push, you can target a few keywords to support it. If you have a large business with lots of different services, you can split your campaign up into multiple ad groups that address each part of your business separately.

You also get a host of other tools, including:

  • Location targeting – allows your ads to show in certain geographic locations
  • Audience targeting – helps you more effectively reach your target demographic
  • Device targeting – adjusts the device type your ads will show on

However, running a search campaign that delivers cost-effective results can be tricky. The cost of showing up above the organic search results is a dedicated monthly AdWords budget, and if the campaign isn’t tuned correctly you can burn through a lot of money with no results.

AdWords charges you each time someone clicks on your ad, after an auction with other companies who are bidding on the same keywords.

How Do Our Services Bring You ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)?

Setting up a search campaign properly involves keyword research to determine the right keywords to bid on based on customer intent, search volume, and cost per click. And that’s just the first step!

Keywords need to be organized into campaigns and ad groups and campaign settings need to be determined so as to not waste the budget.

That’s where we come in. AIS Media has an expert PPC management team who can handle all aspects of running a PPC campaign. AIS Media is a Google AdWords certified partner, with a Google and Bing certified team and a track record of success.

We set up your search campaign with the right keywords and settings to optimize performance and keep costs as low as possible. This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Writing ad copy
  • Determining campaign setup and organization
  • Ad extensions
  • Targeting settings

Beyond campaign setup, we can also make recommendations and changes to your landing page. This is the page on your site that customers see when they click on your ad.

Your landing page is the first impression your customers get, so it needs to be a good one!

Customers often make an initial determination within seconds, so your landing page needs to grab and keep their attention. The layout of the landing page is crucial. It must clearly convey to customers what you’re selling, why they need it, and how they can buy it. If your page doesn’t answer these three questions, your customers will leave and go find what they want from your competitors.

Campaign setup involves a lot of variables that need to be tuned for good performance. The location you’re targeting with your ads matters a lot, so you can reach the most potential customers and maximize your budget.

Knowing whether people are searching on desktop or on mobile devices also makes a big difference, and we will adjust the campaign accordingly to cater to either group.

Gearing for Peak Performance: Real-time Analysis & Reporting

Beyond campaign and landing page setup, our team provides ongoing iteration and analysis of your campaigns. PPC campaigns are rarely perfect out of the gate, and require some testing and modification to get them running at peak efficiency. You need a team that reads the data you get back from AdWords, and makes informed recommendations to improve performance.

We can even give you insights into how your bids stack up against your competitors’. If your ads are showing up less often, or in lower ranked positions than theirs, we can make adjustments to correct so you’re ahead of the competition.

With our team, you’ll get a personal Client Success Manager and PPC Specialist who will review your campaign’s performance with you and talk through any questions you have. You’ll also get regular reporting: daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference.

Paid Search Marketing Services

Measure your results against your business goals. If you want to get your business in front of more customers, then contact the experts at AIS Media. We are glad to answer your questions, and help you make more sales than ever before!

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