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At AIS Media, we engineer the most effective paid social media campaigns that can also run in tandem with our PPC management and SEO services. Our experience in traditional paid search gives our team the experience and skills necessary to interpret data correctly and conduct testing in a systematic and effective manner. As an experienced paid social media company, our clients often ask, “Where is the best place to spend my marketing dollar online?” If leveraged effectively, there are many fundamental characteristics of social media advertising that can bring good traffic to your site.

Why Social Media?

Social media is one of very few places where advertisers can create ads that don’t “feel” like ads. Social ads are highly compatible with the type of market that uses the particular social media channel.

Social ads put you in charge of cost. With social ads, there is just one fee to the advertising platform, and you decide what it is. You decide the daily or lifetime ad spend, and can target your audience in ways that traditional ads can’t.

Through social media advertising, reach the maximum audience possible by targeting for gender, language, location, age, and interests, among other qualifiers. No more paying for people who aren’t relevant. No more guessing, or slapping up a billboard and hoping the right people see it.

Where Should I Spend My Social Media Budget?

Depending on the nature of your business and the habits of your target audience, one or a combination of all social media channels may be the right starting place for your campaign.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook, with its billions of users, represents a vast potential market for your business. Your next client may very well be an active Facebook user.

paid social media advertisingIn addition, Facebook advertising gives us great precision to target your potential customers. Granular targeting makes your ad more relevant, making high click-through and conversion rates more obtainable.

For Facebook advertising, we design a custom conversions strategy to drive revenue and/or sales leads. We utilize advanced targeting based on the most relevant variables, including jobs, industry, interests, demographics, and other criteria.

We conduct in-depth audience research and competitive analysis to identify the best starting position for your advertising which includes messaging and promotions that present the best opportunities to leverage your strengths and capitalize on weaknesses among your competitors.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a strong advertising platform because it is (perhaps) the only social media fully dedicated to business.

paid social media advertisingMany companies find Facebook and other primarily social sites less effective for advertising because users are mainly interested in socializing and possibly even escaping the business scene.

For LinkedIn advertising, we again focus on strategies explicitly calculated to fill the lead pipeline or produce online orders. LinkedIn’s advertising platform is very sophisticated in terms of defining targets based on job title, industry, company name, page associations, and other highly relevant variables. We conduct in-depth audience research and competitive research to determine the best strategy and execution tactics for your campaign’s launch.

Instagram Advertising

paid social media advertisingWe integrate your Facebook campaign with Instagram, which is definitely something to consider if you have a highly visual product or service, and/or appeal to younger demographics.

Instagram is most effective for these key business goals: driving brand awareness, boosting website or app engagement, and increasing conversions.

If you’re new to Instagram advertising, we leverage performance data we have from other social campaigns.

Businesses succeed on Instagram when their ad placement fits into their buyer’s path to purchase. With our Instagram advertising services, we share your story to boost engagement and conversions.

For more on the topic, check out our blog “Social Media & Search Engine Marketing: Which Is Best For My Business?”Social Media Marketing vs Search Engine Marketing

Measure Results Against Your Business Goals

Once your social media advertising campaign is launched, we review data and results to continuously test and improve campaign performance. No matter how excellent the starting strategy and tactics are, campaigns almost always improve — sometimes quickly and dramatically — through refined testing.

To hear more about AIS Media’s data-driven approach to paid social media advertising, contact us today! Read our client success stories and hear from satisfied business owners across the country and prepare for an influx of customers!

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