search marketing webinar

New Search Marketing Rules

In part two of this seven part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned SEO best practices for search engine optimization in 2015.

With more and more consumers searching via mobile devices, you need to know what mobile search is and how it impacts your website traffic.

Search Marketing Webinar

There are three “need to knows” when it comes to SEO best practices.  First, stay up to date with Google’s algorithm changes and apply them to your marketing strategies. Second, make it easier for your potential customers to find you by adapting to mobile devices. Lastly, for 2015 it will be important to understand the partnership between content, social media and SEO.

Design for mobile first. Online sessions have given way to online lives. People are constantly connected to the web via mobile devices, tablets, PCs and more. Mobile traffic is predicted to surpass normal web traffic by 2015. This shift to constant connectivity is transforming how we connect with people and how they search. The possibilities are incredible. The opportunity is huge. And the time is now.

Massive changes in marketing occur on a regular basis, the internet itself is redefining everything for marketers, users, searchers, and consumers. Right now, we are in an epic shift to constant connectivity. The impact on your business could be enormous by implementing SEO best practices.

According to our webinar attendees 50 percent said increasing conversion rates would be their top priority in 2015 and 39 percent said web traffic.SEO Priority Poll

Our audiences own multiple devices and are accustomed to choosing which is most functional at that moment. This is a major shift for marketers as they need to market via multiple screens and to be found via multiple devices. As access to devices continues to change, so do the rules of SEO best practices. Customers want to find companies that earn their attention.

According to Google, 90 percent of multiple device owners switch between screens to complete tasks, using an average of three different combinations every day. Intent is an absolute must. We see too many companies looking for volume versus intent. Understanding searcher’s intent can learn to greater conversion.

78 percent of our webinar attendees said content development will be an extremely high priority for 2015. Relevance, intent and, of course, content are cornerstones to search optimization success.seo chart

Google states: “By using the signal of intent, search marketing got us closer than ever before to delivering the right message at the right time.

Now, in the constantly connected world, something gets us even closer: context. By adding information about where someone is, what device they’re using, and the time of day, marketers can figure out the best message to show them – not just at that moment, but for that moment. That’s relevance at its best.

By 2015 most of your competitors will be fine tuning their SEO best practices. If you aren’t practicing any SEO start now or be left behind.