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Valentine’s Social Media Marketing Campaign Performance Up 156%

Kicking off the new year, AIS Media sought to capture online buzz for the 10 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. We created a social media campaign using Valentine’s Day marketing stats. Our campaign had an organic reach of over 6,400 impressions, an increase of 156% over the previous period.

Social Media Marketing Concept

The first step was to create the social media marketing campaign concept. Our goal was to increase AIS Media brand awareness by connecting Valentine’s Day to the digital marketing trends around the holiday. For example, we found that 21% of Valentine’s Day presents will be purchased online. By sharing similar stats about online marketing with our social audience, we connected Valentine’s Day to our business.

AIS_Media_Valentines_Day_Stats_FacebookBut we wanted to make the campaign a little more fun. So, we decorated the AIS Media office lobby wall with shiny hearts, which featured the stats and posted pictures from various angles online.

You can check out all the stats in our Facebook Album (no need to be logged into Facebook).

Editorial Calendar

The second step was to create an editorial calendar to determine posting schedule and frequency. To engage the widest audience, it was important to post at peak times of social discussion. Our team found that social users begin thinking about Valentine’s Day at the start of February. Ideally, as we got closer to the holiday, we increased the frequency of social posts to boost engagement.

Additionally, we researched engagement trends across our audience in order to optimize post scheduling. We based our social media posting schedule around the times our audience would mostly like or share our content.

Social Media Marketing Research

After the concept and scheduling was determined, the next step was to create and execute the social posts according to the editorial calendar. While the campaign concept guides this process, each social post needed to be uniquely tailored to each relevant social channel.

For example, beyond simple image resizing, users engage differently on Facebook than Instagram. For Facebook, our posts should call our followers to like or share with their friends. Facebook is an excellent platform for social engagement, because users can increase your brand’s reach through shares and likes. On Facebook, your social content should have a clear call to action. Whether you want your audience to visit your site, share with their friend network, or learn more about your brand, your Facebook message should always be tailored to your social media engagement goal.

AIS_Media_Valentines_Day_Stats_InstagramFor Instagram, a properly tailored image is crucial. The most successful branded Instagram posts mirror other styles/filters found on the social media platform.

For our campaign, we posted close-up photos of the hearts in our lobby containing the Valentine’s Day stats and posted them on Instagram.  In addition, we used relevant, trending hashtags to increase post likes. On average, our AIS Media Instagram posts that include relevant hashtags get 5x more likes than posts without hashtags.

For other examples, you can follow AIS Media on Instagram: @aismediainc

Campaign Performance Reporting

The final step in executing this seasonal social media campaign was reporting on performance based on engagement. To improve social media marketing results, it is a good practice to assess what aspects of your campaign work well and need improvement. Then, use this information to guide your social media efforts for your next seasonal social media campaign.

The outcome? Our social media campaign had an organic reach of over 6,400 impressions, an increase of 156% over the previous period. Impressions could have been increased substantially more had we run sponsored posts, and promoted the campaign to our email list.

Watch what we come up with next! We’re planning a fun campaign now.

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