Client Success Story

SEO Services Help Increase Website Traffic 6X in 12 Months

Through close collaboration with the team at The Dairy Alliance, AIS Media’s SEO services continue to deliver spectacular performance year-over-year. Through deep keyword research and analysis, AIS Media continually identifies fresh content opportunities based on topics. As a result, Google page #1 organic keyword rankings have increased 129.19% in 2019, which directly contributed to the 621.325 increase in organic traffic.

Over the past three years, Google page #1 organic keyword rankings have increased 269.13%, which directly contributed to 902.47% increase in website traffic.

+129.19 Page-1 Rankings
+621.32 Organic Traffic

Our Action Plan

Supporting dairy farms and processors, The Dairy Alliance provides public education on dairy foods throughout the Southeast United States. Health Educators and Dietitians provide a wealth of healthy dairy facts and information. Recipes are also a big part of sharing dairy health with the public.

The Dairy Alliance needed a trusted partner with a proven track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help the organization raise online awareness for dairy farm families and related topics. So, The Dairy Alliance turned to AIS Media.

AIS Media in-mediation went to work to develop a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy, based on on-site Technical SEO Analysis and off-site keyword research. Execution of the strategy produced significant measurable results in Google page #1 SEO rankings and high-quality website traffic.

Results We Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

AIS Media’s SEO services increased The Dairy Alliance Google page #1 keywords over 600% in a 12-month period for targeted keyword searches by their targeted consumers.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

The increase in page #1 keyword rankings produced a 621.32% increase in organic traffic to the The Dairy Alliance website.

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