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  • Webcast: Mobile Search for Medical Marketers

Mobile Search for Medical Marketers

With more and more patients searching online before visiting a doctor, medical marketers need to know what mobile search is and how to leverage it.

Part 1 of the Attract and Convert Patients webinar series, “Mobile Search for Medical Marketers,” focused on the four key takeaways for mobile search in 2015.

  1. The Big Shift in Medical Marketing

In 2015, search is the most common way patients continue from one device to another. In fact, 50% of all searches on mobile phones have local intent and 81% of those mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience.

  1. The New Patient Journey

Last year 77 percent of patients used search prior to booking an appointment and 88 percent of those looking for health information start with Google. Now, when patients begin to notice that something doesn’t feel right with their bodies, they turn to Google in an attempt to self-diagnose. Another thing to note in 2015 is that Google Maps is a new search marketing interface. Patients now go and check Google Maps for proximity searches.

  1. Mobile Search Optimization

Did you know that 81 percent of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience? During the webinar, we asked attendees, “Has your search marketing plan been optimized for mobile users?” 60 percent said yes, their marketing plan was optimized for mobile users, 10 percent said it had not and 30 percent were unsure.

Adapting rapidly to mobile will be critical to your organization’s success. The bottom line is to make mobile a priority.

  1. Website Performance Analysis

Effective April 21, 2015, sites that don’t pass Google’s mobile-friendly test are being penalized with lower organic rankings in mobile search results. When we polled attendees, “Has your site speed been optimized for your mobile user?” the results varied: 42 percent of webinar attendees said yes it was optimized, 8 percent said no and 50 percent were not sure.

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