New Content Marketing Rules for 2015

In part five of our six-part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how to keep up in 2015 by making the most of content, no matter how it’s used in your organization. Content marketing is vital. You can click through our presentation below!

Content marketing has grown to exceed 4.6 Billion, with no signs of slowing down. As the discipline begins to mature, key principles are emerging that will determine success in the year ahead.

Fact: Content marketing is emerging as a primary force in consumer and B2B marketing

As consumers become overrun with social media and a variety of content streams from organizations looking to tap their interests, content marketing is a must for organizations looking to successfully spread their message through the noise and generate leads.The rules explored in our New Content Marketing Rules for 2015 webinar take a look at six key implications for marketers.

Content Marketing: Creating Content That Counts

Rule #1: Publish or Perish

Long a catch phrase in academia, the “publish or perish” mantra also applies to content marketing. Content marketing has grown to a 4.6 Billion dollar industry. Every business can get in on the action. If you don’t, changes are good your competitor will. A simple way to get started is to add a blog or regularly-updated area to an existing website. Post various kinds of content, and then pay attention to the types that get read, shared and downloaded. User preferences will soon become apparent.

Rule #2: Metrics Matter

Build in accountability so management has a clear way to evaluate success. Clear calls to action and links to other parts of the website are proven tactics. Tracking results make resource allocation easier to justify.

Rule #3: Play to Your Audience

Relevant messaging is the key to all successful content. Keep the audience’s priorities, needs and interests in mind. It’s helpful to create clear descriptions of your targets. Clearly defined personas form a sound platform for creative brainstorming. The goal is engagement, not just selling. So the better you understand your targets, the stronger your content can be.

Rule #4: Have a Plan

Quality content takes time. Build a realistic schedule that provides time for research, writing, fact-checking and proofreading. If an annual plan seems unworkable, start with a quarterly action plan listing pieces to be developed, and milestones for each.

Rule #5: Keep it Short

A hot phrase in content marketing is “attention scarcity.” People are busier than ever. Most would rather skim an infographic than pour over a white paper. Show you understand, by using formats that are clear and easy to follow. Remember, many site visitors rely on mobile devices. Brevity is king.

Rule #6: Repurpose

Most successful content marketers explore a topic in a variety of formats. This not only gives visitors lots of ways to enjoy your content, it saves time. Consider ways to give a well-received article new life as an infographic, quick video, blog post or automated presentation. After doing the research, make sure you get full mileage from your work.