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Combine Atlanta SEO Services and a PPC Program for Better Results

So many marketers see SEO and PPC management as two separate strategies yet they share the very same goal: drive quality traffic to your website. Whether it is social media, Yahoo!, Bing, or AdWords, PPC can be enlightening for clients. Combining Atlanta SEO services and PPC techniques ensures double the exposure to a target audience andleadsd to a higher success rate by almost 200%, according to Search Engine Watch.

Have You Considered Using Atlanta SEO Services?

Many clients utilizing our Atlanta SEO services state that they never click on ads so how effective could they possibly be? Yet, MOZ states that users trust you more if you’re listed in both paid and organic results because people want someone who is EVERYWHERE and has worked their way to the top.

Using PPC to Guide SEO Strategy

The fact is that PPC management can offer conversion insight far sooner than an SEO campaign. When SEO is done right, it consistently drives valuable traffic to your site. However, it can take three to six months to see results and gather actionable data with Atlanta SEO services. This is where PPC campaigns come in as a means to determine whether a particular keyword is going to drive conversions or not. By testing your keywords and phrases with PPC, you learn which keywords are and are not profitable, which headlines and ad copy pull best, and to apply what you learn to meta descriptions, titles, and content. Even more importantly, with PPC management you learn the value of keywords and cost of conversion.

Clients are often tempted to reduce PPC management efforts once a search term ranks number one in organic search results. However, it’s important to remember that the top two or three results on most SERPs are PPC ads. Dominating the organic and paid search results will greatly increase traffic. In another study by MOZ, it was shown that the CTR of just PPC listings were 19% of clicks. However, when this PPC listing was combined with organic listings, the CTR increased to 26% of clicks.

Combining SEO and PPC to Affect Conversions

Keep working on your PPC management campaigns to drive traffic, as it will often feed your organic strategy. In addition to PPC and organic SEO listings you can increase CTR, conversions, and credibility by adding retargeting. In a Google test, beta clients who used retargeting reported a “2x increase in conversion rates and 60% reduction in CPA (cost per acquisition).”

There is a clear synergy between SEO and PPC performance on search engine results pages. Making the most of Atlanta SEO services and PPC management is easier with one SEO company overseeing all search-oriented marketing efforts. Once an interaction is identified, the opportunity can be maximized through testing and leveraging insights gained. PPC campaign data, when correlated with organic SEO data from site analytics, provides a complete picture of how searchers are experiencing your online properties that can be acquired from inspecting data from each discipline individually.

BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu in his column for Search Engine Land back in June, said that SEO and PPC are not an “either/or” strategy. He writes: Most marketers would agree that to be competitive, we do not operate in an either/or environment. It’s not a choice between either SEO or social, or SEO and PPC. It’s a requirement that we understand how these channels work together to impact one another and a website’s ability to stay afloat in the growing search results.


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