As Consumers Become More Savvy More Retailers Are Attracting Customers Online

Atlanta, GA – As students prepare to head back to school, AIS Media, Inc., an award-winning interactive marketing and web services company, sees more retailers utilize their services to reach customers online.

Instead of heading to brick-and-mortar stores, more parents are letting their fingers do the walking and shopping online for their back-to-school purchases. To reach this growing number of online shoppers, retailers are shifting more of their marketing budgets from newspaper ads and direct mail to search engine marketing and email marketing.

“Outside of the Christmas holiday, back-to-school sales are a make or break time for many retailers,” said Thomas Harpointner, CEO of AIS Media. “Retailers today are challenged with effectively catering to more cost-conscious and Internet savvy consumers. To effectively compete, retailers must implement more user-friendly e-commerce web sites, email marketing campaigns, and search engine marketing campaigns.”

AIS Media’s email marketing campaigns, provided through the company’s proprietary Excerpo® Mail system, allow retailers to track the results of email campaigns in real time and implement results-driven lead generation programs – all at a cost of about a penny per email sent.

AIS Media’s online lead generation programs allow companies to capture and develop leads with targeted landing pages and smart forms.

AIS Media’s professional online storefront solutions, powered by Excerpo® Storefront, enable retailers to establish a secure e-commerce web site, easily and cost-effectively.