AIS Media Winner Landy Awards 2018

AIS Media Takes Home A Landy Award at the 2018 Search Engine Land Awards

Announced at the SMX Advanced Summit June 12th, 2018 at MoPOP in Seattle, AIS Media wins a Landy Award for Best B2B SEO Marketing Initiative! This is a tremendous honor for our company. We greatly appreciate recognition for the results we achieve through search engine marketing.

AIS Media for Thrive Thinking

SEL Awards Thrive B2B SEO

How we won the Landy: Thrive, a product development firm, was receiving thousands of engaged users per month, but their website wasn’t meeting its primary objective: brand development. Despite driving traffic, the site’s conversion rate was low, suggesting a major disconnect between site users and conversion intention. Thrive wanted to not only increase organic rankings/traffic but produce web leads. They partnered with AIS Media to develop an SEO strategy to align with their business objective.

Six months into Thrive’s SEO program, we delivered a 40% increase in high-intent keyword rankings which lead to a 133% increase in web leads generated from organic search compares to the same period the previous year.

Jonathan Dalton Thrive CEO“Partnering with AIS Media for SEO services has been, hands-down, the best decision I’ve ever made for my business. We’re having the best few months of lead flow we’ve had in years.”

-Jonathan Dalton, CEO and Co-founder of Thrive

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It is also a huge honor to be recognized by global industry leaders on the shortlist for our work in local SEM with Artisan Custom Closets, found on the shortlist under two categories.

AIS Media for Artisan Custom Closets

SEL Awards Artisan Local SEO PPC

In the first six months of working with AIS Media, local contractor Artisan Custom Closets saw a 33.82% increase in high-intent Google page #1 rankings. This resulted in a 135% increase in search engine marketing leads compared to last year.

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Search Engine Land Awards 2018 B2B SEO