Client Success Story

“Partnering with Your SEO Agency Has Been the Best Business Decision I’ve Ever Made”

As an innovative product design firm for leading companies, Thrive needs to stay on the cutting edge. Although Thrive’s website was receiving traffic, new business wasn’t developing relative to traffic from current search engine optimization. Thrive knew it was time for a new SEO company that would effectively optimize every aspect of their website for not only site traffic but also conversions.

In order to increase their site traffic and generate new business, they connected with AIS Media to develop and execute an SEO program through high-intent keywords.

The Outcome: Six months into our SEO program, Thrive’s increase in high-intent keyword rankings delivered a strong boost in organic site traffic, and more web leads than previous years.

+35% Page #1 Google Rankings
+126% Organic Site Traffic
+133% Web Leads Generated from Organic Search

Our Action Plan

In order to craft an ideal strategy for Thrive’s business, the AIS Media SEO team analyzed the popular trends within the industry. Because companies like Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, and The Home Depot use Thrive’s innovative product designs, we knew it was necessary to understand how they would use search engines when in need of services Thrive could offer them. We wanted to determine the precise keywords and phrases executives at top companies may use to search for a design team.

After performing thorough competitor and industry keyword research, we conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit of Thrive’s website. We closely collaborated with Thrive’s web developers to optimize the technical aspects of the website. Sites with broken links, slow-loading pages, and errors not only impede Google SEO rankings but also the user experience, which directly affects visitor conversion rates and revenue. This audit deciphered the structural elements that would impact our ability to achieve high organic search rankings.

Throughout completion of the technical fixes, our team leveraged on-page SEO for the site. We determined the keywords the current website was optimized around and mapped a more solid foundation for keyword growth. Content optimization of high-value keywords allowed Thrive to connect with higher quality visitors, who were most likely to convert.

Results We Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

After 90 days, Thrive was easily found on Google page #1 organic search results. Thrive achieved a 35% increase in Google page #1 keywords and a 205% increase in organic traffic.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

Optimization through technical SEO and content delivered more organic traffic to the website than ever before. After six months into our program, Thrive had an organic traffic increase of 126% than the previous year, becoming the primary channel of web traffic (at 70%).

Continued optimization of new opportunity keywords allows for the site to continue growing organic traffic month over month.

Web Leads from Organic Search Percentage Increase

With the site more visible under high-intent keyword searches, organic search impacted the site by delivering quality conversions. In six months, our SEO program had delivered 133% more web leads than previous years.

To say the least, AIS Media’s efforts are helping Thrive’s business thrive!

Client Feedback

“Partnering with AIS Media for SEO services has been, hands-down, the best decision I’ve ever made for my business.”

-Jonathan Dalton, CEO and Co-founder of Thrive