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AIS Media PPC Marketing and SEO Strategy Boosts Environmental Company Leads 23.5% in 4 Months

The Challenge

In late 2019, Hulsey Environmental (Hulsey) was preparing to launch a new website to support their lead-generation plan. At the same time the company had goals for an aggressive plan to expand their service territory by growing sales revenues.

Given that a vast majority of prospective customers today perform online research before calling for services, Hulsey recognized they needed a trusted digital marketing partner to develop and manage a comprehensive search and PPC marketing strategy. So, they reached out to award-winning, Atlanta-based digital marketing agency, AIS Media.

The Results

AIS Media’s digital marketing team closely collaborated with the web development team to plan, develop, and execute a high-performance SEO strategy. This ensured every aspect of the website was developed to support the goal of achieving top Google SEO rankings for target keywords.

In addition, Hulsey empowered AIS Media’s PPC marketing team to assume management of its Google Ads campaigns. The result: an increase in leads and a subsequent reduction in lead cost after four months. Client-set KPIs were achieved within 30 days and performance continued to improve month over month.

+71.4% Google Page #1 Rankings
+23.5% PPC Leads Increase
+42.4% Lead Cost Savings

“I have been partnered with AIS Media for quite a while now, and have seen tremendous improvements in all aspects of our online marketing. They communicate effectively, efficiently, and earnestly. We have a lovely working relationship and I would HIGHLY recommend their services to any business looking to grow and maintain their online footprint. 5 star business.”

Matthew Hulsey, Development at Hulsey Environmental Services

Our Action Plan

SEO Strategy: Site Launch Success & Expanding Reach

A unique challenge of AIS Media’s SEO strategy was to help Hulsey market a “dirty” business to the mass public. Plumbing and waste management may not seem like a glamourous business, but it is essential.

Most important to the success was understanding and measuring performance pre- and post- site launch. The AIS Media SEO team set benchmarking data as KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the new site in critical areas such as: keyword rankings, traffic, and lead data.

Prior to launch, the SEO team ensured key organic ranking factors were considered, such as 301 redirects, mobile usability, site speed, SEO metadata, H1/H2 tags, image ALT tags, video optimization, word counts, and keyword densities.

A crucial first step in assessing a business’s online market value is understanding the keywords prospective clients use to find services. The research guided AIS Media’s SEO and content strategy to focus on Hulsey’s environmental and sustainability programs, such as taking used cooking oil from restaurants and recycling it into feed for livestock, fertilizer, and even biodiesel fuel.

To highlight this aspect of the business, AIS Media ran a PPC campaign to test results early on and feed informative conversion rate information to the SEO team for keyword evaluation.

Driven by data, the SEO team developed keyword-rich content around unique areas of the business: green pastures, crops, and fresh air to build a better environment for future generations.

PPC Marketing Strategy: Optimizing Google Ads for Performance Increase

Sharing and refining keyword research from the SEO team to the PPC team is the most effective way to streamline efficiencies between organic and paid search for a powerful PPC strategy. Collaboratively, and in real-time, combining data gained from PPC marketing and SEO fuels an efficient campaign with maximized use of ad spend as well as content resources.

Upon Google Ads takeover, the AIS Media PPC team set sights for relevant, high-intent keywords with the highest likelihood for conversion, categorized by three services: industrial, commercial, and residential.

The next step was to set testing parameters to determine the results for new keywords based on ad spend. The tests led to pausing low-performance keywords and valuing the highest performing keywords to ensure Hulsey was getting the strongest results for their ad spend.

Over four months, daily calibration of keywords, ad copy, landing pages, targeting settings, and bid/budget modification became the recipe for a gradual increase in performance to help exceed monthly KPIs.

Page 1 Rankings

The pre- and post-launch SEO strategy helped Hulsey reach new heights on organic search. Peaking onto Google’s coveted page #1 within 4 months is statistically significant, as Google suggests the length of time to achieve an impact from SEO results can range 4-6 months.

PPC Leads Percentage Increase

AIS Media tailored the ad messaging to include keywords that were essential to people at home and in need of Hulsey’s services. This resulted in a promising 23.5% increase in leads after only four months working together.

Lead Cost Percentage Differential

AIS Media’s strategic PPC efforts paid off with Hulsey meeting crucial KPIs for conversions while achieving a significant 42.4% reduction in lead cost.

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