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Our Digital Marketing Company Has Won 44 Awards in 4 Years, and We Thank You

In the last 4 years, Atlanta digital marketing company AIS Media has been selected to win 44 awards in digital marketing, SEO strategy and much more. This honor stands as a humbling achievement that illustrates our mission to provide our clients with the best in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing services.

The core of our business is founded on our drive and passion to help grow businesses big and small, and encourage development in line with their vision. While we’re humbled to win 44 awards in the last 4 years alone, the real success lies in the businesses we help along the way, and we couldn’t have achieved this honor without them.

We’re encouraged by this acknowledgment to continue our work growing businesses, as it’s proof that what we do works! After all, “Our business is growing yours.”

Our Digital Marketing Company: Who We Are

AIS Media is an Atlanta digital marketing company focused on search engine optimization (SEO), digital strategy, social media, and pay per click (PPC). Our goal is to lift brand awareness, drive site traffic, and grow businesses to surpass their wildest expectations.

Founded more than 20 years ago by CEO, Thomas Harpointner, AIS Media has worked with businesses ranging from small tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. While digital marketing agencies come and go, AIS Media has stood the test of time through one simple aspect: putting the client first. We want each client to grow and see their business expand while working with us.

We know your business is your biggest dream and a huge part of your life, and we want to help it take off to new heights. Using the latest in SEO best practices, we’re specialized in growing your business’ digital presence through both organic and paid campaigns, social content and more.

Atlanta Digital Marketing Awards in SEO and PPC

Each time we receive an honor, we’re deeply pleased knowing our success means our clients are succeeding as well. A few of the awards we’ve received in the past four years include:

Clutch Award
Landy Award
UpCity Excellence Award
Horizon Interactive Award
American Marketing Association’s Atlanta Marketer of the Year Award
Search Engine Land
Davey Awards
Digital Health Awards
The Communicator Awards

How Do We Do It?

Our clients become a part of our family and we revel in their growth and success. That’s why we take great pride in each award presented to us – it’s confirmation that what we’re doing for businesses is working and they’re succeeding.

Winning an award for outstanding Atlanta digital marketing services means we’ve helped another client hit their business goals and people have taken notice. A few clients we’re delighted to win awards for include:


Even though THRIVE receives thousands of engaged users per month, their website wasn’t getting enough conversions (meaning users were clicking through the site and products, but not taking action). Despite driving traffic, the site’s conversion rate was incredibly low, suggesting a major disconnect between site users and their intention. THRIVE partnered with AIS Media to effectively optimize their website to increase conversions.

Six months into their SEO program, THRIVE had a 40% increase in high-intent keyword rankings that delivered a 126% boost in organic site traffic, and 133% more web leads than previous years.

Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery

Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery provides leading medical care in dental implants and oral surgery. To ensure a successful launch of their new website and center, the medical center partnered with AIS Media to boost their online visibility through local SEO services and PPC management.

AIS Media’s SEO campaign increased Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery’s organic website traffic 336.23% and the PPC campaign delivered nearly three times the average conversion rates for the Health & Medical industry. The outcome was a 31.92% increase in web leads for new patients in 12 months.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries

Carolina Liquid Chemistries, a tech company specializing in medical devices, needed a consistent pool in which to drive leads. Their website offers resources and product comparisons that assist their sales funnel, but they lacked the qualified web traffic to drive the number of leads needed to expand their business. In order to meet their lead goals, Carolina Liquid Chemistries brought in AIS Media to bring life into their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and leverage the site’s organic rankings through SEO.

Within 90 days, the client’s website had stronger organic rankings, which resulted in increased web traffic and leads – all while reducing PPC cost to acquire leads by 75%.

AIS Media can Grow Your Business

Our awards speak for themselves when it comes to client satisfaction and success in planning and implementing Atlanta digital marketing strategies. Trust us to help you take your business to the next level and show the world who you are!

Contact us today at 404-751-1043 so together we can build an award-winning partnership!