Client Success Story

Leading SEO Company Helps Local Franchise Increase Web Leads 39% in 90 Days

A Florida-based junk hauling franchise needed support expanding their reach statewide and beyond.  With heavy industry competition, their growth strategy required increasing their online brand presence in order to close more leads. Junk Shot chose to partner with SEO company, AIS Media, to re-craft their PPC and SEO campaigns.

The outcome: Within the first six months of our SEO and PPC campaign, the client achieved a 39% increase in web leads through a 325% increase in Google Page-1 keywords- all while reducing cost per lead by 14%.

+325% Page #1 Google Rankings
+23% Organic Site Traffic
+39% Web Leads

Client Feedback

“Thank you for the work you’ve put in to help grow our company. We’ve already closed several significant leads that we can tie back to the work you’ve done to increase our online visibility. Your team at AIS has really raised the bar for our company.”

-Fred Tomlin, Director of Business Development at Junk Shot

Our Action Plan

Junk Shot understood the value of digital marketing from using in-house strategies and resources. They believed results needed to be better and had the potential to be better, which led them to the decision to invest in working with an SEO company. Junk Shot serves five primary markets in the state of Florida. However they compete with major, national junk hauling brands worldwide.

Junk Shot needed to rank among the competition in order to pull in stronger, more qualified leads. Since Junk Shot needed to expand their online brand presence, gain new leads and generate sales, the AIS Media team immediately implemented long and short term strategies that would result in increased leads and sales. We chose SEO and PPC for a balanced, yet aggressive approach.

With each client’s campaign, the AIS Media team begins by researching current trends and analyzing the competition within the client’s industry. First, we examined Junk Shot’s market and targeted two primary audiences: new customers and potential franchisees. Our dual-action plan targeted customers looking for junk removal and prospective franchisees.

Our certified PPC experts audited the company’s existing PPC campaign efforts to find pitfalls and areas for improvement. In order to approximate the value the campaign returned, we implemented conversion tracking across the campaign. Then, we strategically blended high-value PPC keywords and updated the targeting for all campaigns. Junk Shot’s new campaigns now suited each new location.

Our next step was to load the data onto our enterprise-level platform, which uses artificial intelligence (AI). AI helps to optimize the highest converting keywords, ads, and placement to adjust bidding every 30 minutes. This technology allows our team to operate around the clock, which simply isn’t possible for a standalone human team.

Throughout the PPC audit, our SEO specialists conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit of the client’s website. We connected the highest converting terms from PPC with our SEO strategy, anchoring keywords with landing page content, completing our site mapping. Next, we focused on geo-targeting. We defined locations and area markets to precisely target our dual-audience within the Junk Shot service area, applying different keyword sets for junk hauling customers and franchisee growth.

Results We Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

Through our dual-action keyword strategy, we boosted targeted page-1 keywords by a whopping 325% in just 12 weeks! The increased keyword visibility brought the website a 23% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous year.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

The lift in organic traffic allowed JunkShot to lower PPC spend, while sustaining keyword visibility. Tweaks to the PPC campaign produced stronger results, even with a decreased spend, reducing ad spend on non-converting clicks.

Web Leads Percentage Increase

With organic and paid visibility on the highest converting keywords, and a strategy for improvement of conversion rate optimization on the website itself, our SEO company was able to produce more web leads at a lower cost per acquisition. These results paved the way for JunkShot to expand their reach into Texas, from their roots in Florida.