Client Success Story

On-page SEO services helped deck builder achieve record sales

Atlanta Decking & Fence had aggressive sales goals. The company needed to dramatically increase their volume of qualified leads and recognized that the majority of potential customers today search online. They wanted to partner with a proven expert in organic search engine marketing so they turned to AIS Media for professional on-page SEO services.

+128% Google Page-1 Rankings
+129% Site Traffic
+223.55% Lead Conversion

Client Feedback

“I have been working with the great team at AIS Media for over 3 years and heartily recommend them…”

- Sandy Barth, Marketing Coordinator

Our Action Plan

January through June are the company’s prime months. So, the AIS Media SEO team started preparing in October. We identified and optimized the website around the company’s highest-value keywords — those with the highest search volume and with the highest PPC prices.

We performed extensive keyword research. Identified top competitors. Reverse-engineered their on-page SEO strategy. Brought the website into compliance with Google’s latest SEO standards by correcting a wide range of technical issues. We optimized content. Made new content recommendations. Created high-value inbound links. Optimized local directory listings. Closely monitored performance via Google Analytics.

Our hard work paid off. The result was a significant increase in Google SEO rankings, a triple-digit increase in site traffic, and site traffic that converted into a record amount of sales-ready leads. Clearly, the SEO program connected the Atlanta Decking and Fence with right audience at the right time.


Results We Achieved

Percentage Increase in Conversions

Atlanta Decking saw a 224% increase in conversions, which means lots of new sales for our client and a lot of new decks for happy customers.

Page 1 Results

AIS Media achieved a 128% increase in page 1 keyword rankings for Atlanta Decking.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

Our on-page SEO services helped drive a 128% increase in organic traffic.

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