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1,260% Increase in Pay Per Click Leads in 6 Months for Biotheranostics

“Our products have exceeded sales projections month over month! We attribute our lead generation success to AIS Media’s search marketing team”, said Justin Nguyen, Marketing Manager at Biotheranostics.

In the first 6 months of working with AIS Media, leads generated through Pay Per Click (PPC) increased by 1,260%.

PPC Conversions By Cost

During the same period, AIS Media also reduced lead costs by 87% per lead.

Cost Per Conversion

Biotheranostics aims to connect cancer survivors and physicians with their cancer diagnostic products. Biotheranostics’ Marketing Manager, Justin Nguyen, recognized that both survivors and physicians frequently use search engines to research the best treatment options. The San Diego-based cancer diagnostics company called AIS Media to raise awareness of their products and boost leads generated through Pay-Per-Click management.

Pay Per Click Lead Generation Performance

Google Pay Per Click management is a significantly different process than search engine optimization (SEO). The priority ranking factors in PPC success are:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation
  • Bid optimization

Culminating all of these factors is Quality Score, a qualitative metric determined by Google AdWords based on the effectiveness of a PPC campaign. AdWords will show Quality Score – an estimate of the quality of ads, keywords, and landing pages, which is reported on a 1-10 scale,

Higher-quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions. The more relevant ads and landing pages are to users, the more likely it is that you’ll see higher Quality Scores.

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Increasing Quality Score to increase conversions and reduce ad costs

If you’re familiar with Google AdWords, you may know that your PPC campaign can be split into ad groups that organize your keywords by products, services, topics, and more. Grouping keywords helps Google show highly targeted ads based on the user’s search query.

For example, creating a separate ad group for your “chocolate” keywords and “vanilla” keywords enables Google to quickly serve the right ad to the right user.

Well organized pay per click campaigns are awarded a higher Quality Score. This often means bidding lower than competitors and maintaining position above them on search results.

For Biotheranostics, AIS Media manages three PPC campaigns for their two major cancer diagnostic products. Their first product is the Cancer Type ID, which tests patients with any of the major forms of cancer. This campaign is divided into over 25 ad groups, grouping the cancer types.

Biotheranostics also distributes the Breast Cancer Index, a product made specifically for diagnosing breast cancer patients. One campaign focuses on the healthcare professionals who may use this product to ensure clear results for their patients. The other Breast Cancer Index focuses on breast cancer survivors who are looking for answers along their journey. This campaign is called Answers Beyond 5, which provides information on how the Breast Cancer Index predicts your risk of cancer recurrence after Year 5 of her journey.

Dividing the three campaigns in this way is the best way to optimize our reach and Quality Score. With higher exposure at a lower cost, we successfully engineer a higher lead generation campaign.

Optimizing the PPC bidding strategy

Ad Rank is now more important than ever based on Google’s latest update to page-1 results. Find out why on our Google’s Deathblow to SEO blog.

Considering the importance of mobile users, it’s important to secure a top position on mobile search to maximize clicks. To boost clicks and leads, we optimized the bidding strategy for mobile users searching specific keywords, which improves quality score.

Improved lead generation with Ad Extensions

Once the PPC campaign was up and running, we elevated ad performance further with ad extensions. This increased clicks by seizing more page-1 real estate.

Call extensions with click-to-call phone numbers increased mobile call-ins.

Ad extensions don’t cost more. You’ll only pay when someone clicks your ad. There are a multitude of ad extension options available through Google AdWords.

Bring more people to your physical address with location extensions. As of April 2016, Google has just started showing ads for Google Maps. There has never been a better opportunity to get more people to your address through Google search.

You can maximize your page-1 real estate when you use sitelink extensions. See how this ad for Breast Cancer Index expands past the usual two-line description with unique landing pages within their site.

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How to get started

Increase your exposure to the right audience at the right time through Google AdWords and PPC management.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to enhance the performance of your campaigns in order to generate more clicks and more leads.

Our PPC management team at AIS Media is ready to take the reins of your PPC campaign. We are a Google Certified Partner, and our team has comprehensive knowledge of Google’s Search and Display Network.

See how we can show you immediate ROI as we did with BioTheranostics. Through the first 6 months of BioTheranostics’ program, we increased leads 1260% while lowering monthly costs.

Ready to outperform your competitors?

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