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Google My Business Hacks

Top 5 Google My Business SEO Marketing Hacks for Higher Rankings

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most prominent ways to supercharge your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) and online visibility. If your business has a Google My Business and you’re ready to take it to the next level, here is a list of some top SEO marketing Google My Business hacks to help your company outrank competitors in organic Google search:

  1. Rank Higher, Remove Spammers

Competitors often game the system to boost their rankings. Beat them at their own game. There’s a short-sighted hack called ‘keyword stuffing’. This is the practice of obsessively adding keywords to your company name on Google My Business to improve SEO rankings for those keywords. This practice is a violation of Google Community Standards but if left unchecked can put your business listing at risk.

If you suspect certain competitors are stuffing keywords into their company name on Google My Business, here are steps to take:

  • Search and check your top competitor’s website to confirm their actual business name.
  • Locate their listing in Google My Business.
  • Click on “Suggest an Edit” if you see any name inaccuracies.

suggest an edit google my business

At AIS Media, our team continually monitors Google My Business listings for our clients and their competitors and when we spot inaccurate listings, we take action to have them updated or removed and often see results in as little as a few business days.

  1. Increase Google SEO Rankings by Add Keywords into Customer Reviews

Positive Google reviews help your business in several ways. They’re proven to help boost Google SEO rankings, drive website traffic, and help instill customer confidence to increase conversion rates.

Incorporating your top keywords into your customer reviews takes the effectiveness of Google reviews to the next level.

Once you have a satisfied customer that has agreed to give your business a positive review, don’t just send them a link to the Google review page and hope they’ll use your keywords in their review. Take an extra step to help guide them through the process to ensure the positive review delivers maximum beneficial impact for your business. Here’s our simple, 3-step process:

  • Send your customers an email and ask them for their honest feedback about your business.
  • If they reply to your email with stellar feedback, add your keywords into their response and email it back to them along with the Google review link. Say something like: “Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I made just a slight adjustment to help others recognize the products/services you’re describing. If you’re okay with my edit and would like to give us an awesome 5-star rating, here’s the Google review link. Simply copy/paste your comments.”
  • Google will instantly notify you when your customer posts their positive review. When replying to customers, make each response personalized, simple, and, most importantly, include your business’s target keywords. Responding to reviews gives you an opportunity to rank higher in Google’s results page, get more traffic to your website, and ultimately, drive up conversion rates. This is verified by Google’s support page:

“Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business. High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location.”

Google My Business Ratings

*Embedding your high intent keywords in your customer reviews make local search results hyper relevant to searches and provides faster assurance of a business’s quality of services/products related to that specific search.

  1. Embed a Google Map on Your Website

Businesses listed on Google Maps are becoming more advanced. Accessing Google Maps enables consumers to make informed decisions about your business quickly. Embed a Google Map onto your website to take advantage of this SEO marketing benefit. By doing this, you show Google that your Google My Business listing is verified. In turn, this action helps contribute to your overall Google Maps ranking. 

To embed a Google Map Feature on your website:

  • Search for your business name on Google Maps
  • Click on the “Share” icon
  • Select “Embed a Map”
  • Copy and paste the link to your business’s contact page

SEO marketing google maps

  1. Get Star Ratings Under Your Search Results

Why do star ratings matter?

Star ratings provide online searchers an important element of social proof and instills confidence when the searcher sees how other users rate items and services.

Install the “Aggregate Rating” schema code for review snippets on your search engine results page (SERP). A schema code is a code that gets added to your website to better communicate the specifics of what your website and content is about for Google or various other search engines to read.

To install the schema code, you need to open the HTML of one webpage or template and directly insert a schema markup into it. This process requires the capacity to code and understand the program.

Google bots then display your star rating on your webpage’s search result after the code is installed.

seo marketing ratings

  1. Minimize the Impact of Negative Reviews

No business likes getting negative reviews. A negative review can be discouraging and, if left unchecked, can make a severe negative impact on SEO rankings and revenue. The worst thing to do is to simply ignore them.

  • Respond to negative reviews quickly. This provides an opportunity to give your side of the story in order to minimize damage.


  • Be professional by stating this occurrence will not happen again and show your desire to improve things in the future. If you can resolve the matter with your customer, ask them to remove their negative comment.


  • Continually monitor your reviews (or someone do it for you) to ensure the potential damage a negative review can make on your business is minimized.
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