Digital Marketing Company AIS Media Hosts the 2019 Bubbles Benefit

As summer comes to an end, we’re rolling out the red carpet to invite the city to join us for a night of celebration and fun at Atlanta’s most upscale and exciting after-work social event. The team at Atlanta’s top digital marketing company, AIS Media is excited to see you there. The Bubbles Benefit is an exclusive charitable event where professionals come together to mingle, support a great cause, and enjoy crisp champagne and classic cocktails all while letting the day’s work and stress melt away.

Join us at the luxurious Roche Bobois in Buckhead where professionals can meet and network under the stars on their private rooftop plaza or dance the night away amongst the modern art and contemporary Parisian furniture. With mouthwatering hors d’oeurves at your fingertips and a chance to win some enviable raffle prizes, the Bubbles Benefit is the talk of the town event not to be missed- plus, general admission to the party is absolutely free to anyone with a passion for the cause. Sponsorship levels will also be available for organizations able to pledge to the cause.

AIS Media, a Top Digital Marketing Company, is Proud to Host

“We are honored to organize and host this charitable giving event for such a fun and worthy cause,” said AIS Media CEO, Thomas Harpointner. “Hosting the Bubbles Benefit is important to us because it allows us to utilize our marketing expertise to serve our community. We’re excited to be working with such a prestigious non-profit organization, and we’re grateful that Roche Bobois is allowing us to host the event at their beautiful venue.”

But to get to the heart of why our digital marketing company is hosting this nighttime extravaganza, we want to take you behind the scenes of the Bubbles Benefit so you can get a feel for our inspiration for both the cause and the venue, and learn just a little more about what to expect on this one of a kind night!

Get to Know Hands Across Atlanta

Now that school is back in session, we’re proud to host the Bubbles Benefit to give back to the community, particularly the underprivileged school children in Atlanta. At AIS Media, we’re heavily invested in charities that work to give children the support they need. Whether we’re donating to holiday toy drives or looking to provide for children’s education, Atlanta’s children come first.

All donations made at the Bubbles Benefit will go directly to Hands Across Atlanta to help raise money to give each child the chance they need to get a better education. There are a tremendous number of children in our school systems that do not have the items that other children are fortunate enough to have. By coming together, we can help provide more children with the materials they need to build a stronger educational foundation. Just by giving a child a chance to get assistance in school means we can help open the door to a bright and exciting future.

When deciding on what charity to support during this year’s event, Hands Across Atlanta was an easy choice. From their inspirational backstory to their constant need to help those that are underprivileged, Hands Across Atlanta is striving to make a difference in our city.

“We couldn’t be happier that AIS Media, Young Professionals of Atlanta, and Roche Bobois are supporting our cause,” Marcus Acosta, CEO of Hands Across Atlanta, said. “This event is a great opportunity for our community to help children throughout Atlanta that are in need of supplies to further their education.”

Hands Across Atlanta started back in March 2013 when founder Marcus Acosta and a few friends began bringing bologna sandwiches to the parks to feed the homeless. What he experienced was life-changing and he found that his everyday problems suddenly seemed so insignificant. After leaving his job to find a way to better serve others, Hands Across Atlanta was formed and is now one of the city’s fastest-growing nonprofit organizations. Since their beginning, Hands Across Atlanta has fed tens of thousands of people, provided U.S. veterans with reconstructive dentistry, and adopted a public school in one of Atlanta’s poorest neighborhoods.

That’s why at this year’s Bubbles Benefit we’re inviting Atlanta’s professionals to come out, raise a glass (and money) to help us provide for our city’s children. Every little bit can make a huge difference in a child’s path to success.

Meet Young Professionals of Atlanta

When founding an event like the Bubbles Benefit, we couldn’t ask for a more appropriate co-host to join our team than Young Professionals of Atlanta (YPofATL). The Bubbles Benefit is about coming together for a worthy cause, while also celebrating and networking with our peers. That’s why we’re delighted YPofATL is now involved in this exciting process.

“We’re honored Young Professionals of Atlanta will be co-hosting the Bubbles Benefit with AIS Media,” said Jordan M. Thompson, President of Young Professionals of Atlanta. “Our organization is always looking for ways to help young professionals in the city not only network and grow, but also give back to their community along the way. This is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow professionals and get involved in Atlanta, while also aiding Hands Across Atlanta’s inspiring efforts to help provide for the city’s underprivileged schoolchildren.”

YPofATL perfectly embodies what the event is all about. This nonprofit organization was designed specifically to help young professionals in Atlanta network and grow with each other. They aim to help give back to the community and get involved in any way they can by not just supporting the city, but also aiding other nonprofits, businesses, and organizations in the network. Founded in October 2018, YPofATL has a goal to make Atlanta a better place by helping its up-and-coming professionals develop the skills and relationships they need to help the city take off.

Roche Bobois The Bubbles Benefit

Step Inside Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a world leader in contemporary furniture design with beautiful made-to-order pieces from Europe. A mixture of Scandinavian and French influences, Roche Bobois has an influential presence in 50 countries. Partnerships with renowned designers and global fashion houses make the company a unique player in the high-end furniture and home décor world.

What really struck us about this stunning venue is the artistry and creativity that goes into every piece of furniture and art. When planning the Bubbles Benefit, we wanted our guests to be surrounded throughout the night by inspiration and creative visuals to get into the right mindset for the rest of the week.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this charitable fundraiser co-hosting the Bubbles Event with AIS Media. Roche Bobois is about bringing together inspiration and people, and we’ve always been a huge supporter of any effort to make Atlanta’s community stronger,” said Victor Sepulveda, General Manager of Roche Bobois. “That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Atlanta’s professionals to our showroom to help celebrate and raise money for such a worthy cause.”

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside Roche Bobois, you know what an exquisite showroom of beauty awaits you. If you haven’t, you’re in store for a real treat. When considering venues, the French modern furniture showroom was at the top of the list.

Walking inside, you’re suddenly hit with an overwhelming sense of lust and need to own everything in this gorgeous venue. From that jaw-dropping unique chandelier on the first entrance, to their signature piece- the remote control expansive glass dinner table, there are many pieces of home art you’ll want to ogle over. Sit down and relax on their delightfully iconic Bubble collection, a perfect complement to the event that conjures up images of lounging in a basket of cozy balloons, but with a fun modern aesthetic that is completely handmade.

With two stories to spread out and enjoy, not to mention a secluded rooftop area with a gorgeous view of the vibrant Buckhead nightlife, Roche Bobois quickly became our top pick for this upscale event.

Celebrate the 2019 Bubbles Benefit

The Bubbles Benefit is aimed to help Atlanta’s underprivileged children and as a thank you for your generosity we want to make it a night to remember. Meet us at the red carpet reception for your picture to kick off the event before heading inside to savor the delicious refreshments. Our raffle prizes and giveaways are selected so you won’t have to leave the party empty-handed. While the music and drinks are enough to keep the party going all night, expect fun and exciting features like the revolutionary digital photo booth sprinkled throughout the venue.

We look forward to gathering together at the Bubbles Event for a night of fun and grandeur all while supporting a cause close to our heart. So grab a glass and come see why the Bubbles Benefit is Atlanta’s most fun after-work social event. Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet when you come to one of our exclusive parties!

Don’t miss out on getting your ticket to this one-night-only event!

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The Bubbles Benefit – for Hands Across Atlanta

The Bubbles Benefit Details 

  • When: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 | 6-10 pm
  • Where: Roche Bobois, 333 Buckhead Ave NE 
  • Cause: Hands Across America, raising money for underprivileged Atlanta school children  
  • Cost: Free general admission & sponsorship levels

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