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SEO Consulting: 7 Reasons UpCity Ranked AIS Media “Top 1% in North America”

It gives the entire SEO consulting team at AIS Media tremendous pride to be recognized with a prestigious 2019 UpCity Excellence Award. It’s a special honor because over 33,000 agencies were analyzed and scored. Only the top 1% of agencies in North America were awarded with an Excellence Award.

The UpCity rating was developed as a scoring mechanism to determine an agency’s “recommendability” and the confidence to recommend top professionals to businesses looking for SEO consulting and digital marketing services partners.

Winners in the top 1% have the greatest quantity and quality of client reviews. So, we’d like to extend a special thank you to each of our amazing clients who took the time to share their feedback.

We often ask our clients what they love about working with us, and we’ve noticed a trend in their responses. Below are their top seven reasons.

Why Did AIS Media’s SEO Consulting Services Receive an UpCity Excellence Award?

We’re Responsive

When asked what sets AIS Media apart, clients routinely point to our superior communication standards. When you reach out to us with questions, ideas, or concerns, our top priority is providing a timely and meaningful response. If we’re not able to offer an immediate resolution, our clients can expect us to provide a prompt, accurate response.

“Denise and her team are both responsive and passionate about effectively achieving marketing goals and bottom-line initiatives.” – Kristen Henry, American Life Fund


We’re Transparent

Many clients appreciate that we’re transparent with them, which is something we’re told is rare in our industry. There are highly technical aspects to our work. While the majority of our clients mainly focus on our impact on business results, we’re always delighted to dive into technical details and answer questions.

We don’t hide behind manipulated numbers, confusing jargon, or lack of information. If we run across issues, we’ll share them with you, explain them in terms you can understand, and let you know what we’re going to do about it.

“They are always up to date on the latest and greatest and fill us in immediately as soon as they catch wind of any alerts/updates that could impact our SEO. They also constantly bring new ideas to the table for us to kick the wheels on.” – Shane Johns, MRO Corp


Working Hard for Our Upcity Excellence Award (and for Our Clients)

We’re Effective

Digital marketing is our profession. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years. It gives us immense pride to deliver tangible results and measurable business outcomes. Many of our clients have aggressive growth targets and are eager to focus on digital marketing strategies and tactics proven to deliver fast results. While SEO services, for example, are generally accepted as long-term initiatives, many of our clients achieve significant results as soon within their first 90 days of our partnership.

We are committed to setting reasonable and realistic expectations with our clients. Our years of experience make us very effective at delivering better-than-expected results in terms of keyword rankings, site traffic, customer engagement, and leads and sales. If you value industry expertise backed by a proven track record, you’ll understand that there are many factors to keep in mind when hiring a digital marketing partner.

“We were limited by budget and staffing resources. But AIS didn’t care. They did the best with what we could give them.” – Colton Olinde, Jack Henry & Associates


We’re Trustworthy

Each of our clients calls AIS Media a strategic business partner. A business partner does not lead their counterpart astray motivated by personal gain. We are routinely complimented on making digital marketing recommendations that put the needs of our client first. When clients call on us, they anticipate our response will be crafted towards their best interests. Because we measure success by the success of our clients, we must operate our business in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

“It continues to be a sustainable relationship and we’re excited to keep it going.” – James Schroeder, ComplyAssistant


AIS Media Has Many Great Qualities

We’re Fun and Easy to Work With

Our clients often say they see us as a natural extension of their internal marketing team. While our retainer agreements and clear statements of work guide our day-to-day work, our clients appreciate being able reach out and bounce business ideas off us and hear creative options.

Whether it’s about increasing customer ratings and reviews, optimizing conversions on an eCommerce site, improving social media engagement, or strategic guidance developing a new website, our clients rely on us to provide guidance built from our years of experience in digital marketing.

Some of the world’s most exciting innovations were created by small teams of highly talented people focused on common goals. We love thinking big and applying creative thinking to solving complex challenges.

“I wish I had time to connect with AIS Media more often because they offer such valuable insight and assistance with our website.” – Mara McGurl, The Dairy Alliance


We’re Honest

Can you keep a secret? We don’t always tell our clients what they want to hear, but we always tell them the truth. Not every swing delivers a home run. Not every idea is executable. But knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does work. Digital marketing strategy is not one-size-fits all, and never will be.

We collect and analyze data. While it’s often a tedious task, taking patience and discipline, when we present our findings, we can do so with a high degree of confidence – backed by years of experience. The results of our work often produce significantly higher than expected results. Other times, we fine-tune our strategy to focus energies and resources to produce the best outcomes.

“AIS Media has extensive experience in this industry. There are many competitors in the market, but AIS is heads above all the others with their top-notch team of experts. Every resource we have worked with has been honest, dedicated, and committed to our success.” – Raychel Sullins, Maid Brigade


We’re Competent

Digital marketing has been our business for over 20 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients ranging from tech startups to Fortune 500 corporations, across a multitude of industries. This breadth of experience has gained us a level of expertise few other marketing agencies in our space can match.

“AIS understands SEO and has a proven process to deliver results… I know we will be with them for the long haul due to their professionalism, intelligence, tools/reporting, and process. We have been through multiple SEO firms and are thrilled to have found AIS. AIS gets it!” – Dave Moorman, DynaSis


More About AIS Media’s SEO Consulting

We love working with our clients and we are thrilled that they love working with us too. Read more of the reviews that made us part of the top 1% of digital marketing agencies in North America. If you want to see what it’s like to work with us firsthand, contact us online or give us a call at 404-751-1043!