Practical 2016 SEO Trends and Key Takeaways from 2015

As 2015 concludes, our search marketing team at AIS Media would like to recap this year’s top SEO trends as well as offer a look into the future.

2015 in Review: The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

Quite possibly the most widely-discussed SEO factor shift of 2015 was Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update. For Google, and many digital marketers, the writing for “Mobilegeddon” was on the wall for 2015. And as predicted, in early 2015, the amount of searches from mobile surpassed desktop searches for the first time.

While this alone may not have disrupted your online presence, the preemptive Google algorithm shift certainly did. Websites that cater to the “mobile experience” receive the greatest benefit from page authority boosts and search engine results. Imagine the benefit of being placed in Google Maps’ local 3-pack results found on page 1, just from having a mobile-optimized site. This is one of the many ways that mobile-friendly sites are leaping past their competitors in online searches.

Another significant SEO trend of 2015 was the division of search engine optimization and content marketing. While these two factors are mutually exclusive, in 2015 SEO shifted towards a technical focus, while content marketing was the primary driver of search ranking results. In order to succeed, your SEO expert should be well-versed in keyword strategy as well as mindful of all technical factors that influence search engine ranking. After a strong SEO plan is implemented, writing and engaging your audience with high-quality content is an absolute necessity in order to achieve significant search engine ranking in 2015 and 2016.

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2016 SEO Trends & Success Factors: User Experience

Once 2016 arrives, you may find you’ve missed a great opportunity by not creating a mobile-optimized site. Brought in part by the Google algorithm update, as well as indisputable consumer trends in search marketing, mobile-optimization will quickly become more important than desktop. Your 2016 SEO plan must include a push for redesigning your site to be mobile-friendly. Without it, your competition certainly will take your place on page 1 results.

2016 search marketing is going to be even more cutthroat in order to benefit the overall user experience. Mobile-friendly remains a significant aspect of the overall user experience, which is why mobile-friendly SEO factors became required. Optimizing for the user experience will affect other aspects of your site as well, including content, keywords and social factors.

Start your SEO strategy for 2016 by reevaluating your current online audience and the stages of their consumer journey. The opportunity for online conversions lies with being visible at the right time for the right audience. Content and keyword strategy remains an ever-present trend for SEO, with important factors to note for 2016. You’ll have the greatest opportunity to boost online authority with high-intent, hyperlocal (when applicable) and useful content.

Finally, SEO integration with social engagement is going to be a major factor in keyword rankings for 2016. Your site will enjoy the benefit of added online authority when other brands refer their users to your site. In addition, engagement on your social media channels will assert your site as an online authority, and you will see greater ranking benefits than without. Overall, the best way to boost your online rankings is to increase the conversation about your brand online.

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