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Search Marketing Success Blueprint

Search marketing is at the top of the list when it comes to emerging digital trends. The search marketing success blueprint presentation focused on how to use our Atlanta SEO services to increase opportunities for marketers.

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Achieve Atlanta Search Marketing Success in a 5-Step Plan

1. Effective Strategy Development

Plan out your strategy and build content around it. Ask yourself why you’re creating the content, who is the target audience, how will you develop that content and map out what success looks like to you. Set goals and keep in mind the facts! Did you know that 89.82 percent of people click links on the first page of search results?

2. Keyword Selection

What makes a keyword highly selective?

  • Be more specific with your keywords, instead of broad. If a user searches for a highly targeted keyword, they are more likely to be ready to buy than a user searching for a broader term.
  • Use competitors’ keywords. Find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and target those same keywords if they also apply to your site.
  • Be sure your chosen keywords are relevant to your business. They should accurately describe your service or products so when users search for them, they find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Keep user intent in mind. Consider what a user is really looking for when they type in a certain keyword. If they’re just looking to gather information, and your content is very sales-heavy, they may leave your site quickly and go visit your competitors instead.

3. Implement Keyword Mapping

How is a site mapped? At AIS Media we have a seven step process:

  • Identify keywords you want to target on your site.
  • Perform a content audit to determine what you have, and what you need.
  • Identify pages with high relevance and topical value.
  • Create focused content to populate those pages.
  • Map a single keyword to a single URL.
  • Optimize the pages with your chosen keywords.
  • Promote the pages through a variety of marketing channels.

4. Content Optimization

There are many ways to optimize content and all can make a big difference: links pointing to your content, repurposing content into other formats or marketing channels, titles and title tags, meta description tags, image alt text tags, H1 tags, page load times, and content “freshness”.

Fact: Expect a 40 percent increase in time and money and a high bounce rate if you begin search marketing without website design.

5. Measure Success

So, how do you measure success? Go back to your strategy! If you have defined your goals early on, reflect back. Four clear ways to measure success are seeing an increase in traffic, brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Key Takeaways for Search Marketing Success from Atlanta SEO Services Experts

  • An executable strategy is an effective strategy.
  • Keyword selection, keyword mapping, and content audits are crucial.
  • Create a schedule that repurposes your best content.

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