Client Success Story

Combined SEO & PPC Strategy Delivers Technology Company More Leads at Lower Cost

Carolina Liquid Chemistries, a tech company specializing in medical devices, needed a consistent pool in which to drive leads. Their website offers resources and product comparisons that assist their sales funnel, but they lacked the qualified web traffic to drive the number of leads needed to expand their business. In order to meet their lead goals, they brought in AIS Media to revamp their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and leverage the site’s organic rankings through SEO.

The Outcome: Within 90 days, the client’s website had stronger organic rankings, which resulted in increased web traffic and leads – all while reducing PPC cost to acquire leads by 75%.

+450% Google Keyword Rankings
+27.95% Organic Site Traffic
+67.11% Web Leads

Client Feedback

“Our work with AIS Media has really paid off. These results are exactly what we want to see. We love when our competitors are left in our wake. Keep up the good work!”

-Patricia Shugart, Chief Operating Officer

The Action Plan

AIS Media began their strategic process by researching high-intent keywords to produce more web traffic and leads. These keywords represent search queries used by targeted decision-makers in the tech company’s industry and can significantly increase site traffic.

AIS Media chose keywords that searchers are commonly looking for to help boost their company’s organic growth. The team’s effective SEO strategy considers how consumers use search engines to research options and the deciding factors motivating their decisions to lead these consumers to the client.

Carolina Chemistries’ highly specialized products required keywords representative of their products’ SKUs as well as broader product categories to maximize exposure. Like many tech companies, Carolina Chemistries had a massive number of pages and innovative products but there wasn’t enough content on the products for Google to pick up on.

Google reads copy and keywords. In order to rank for Google and have their company found by the right consumers, the site needed more organic copy.

AIS Media AdWords PPC Management

Historic AdWords Performance Overview

AIS Media researched high-intent keywords and created content surrounding Carolina Chemistries and their products to help them rank for Google. AIS Media updated their product pages, added organic copy and videos to help drive their site higher in SEO rankings. Google requires keyword-centric organic content (including copy, imagery, videos) to understand and index the authority of the site to its keyword relevancy.

During the keyword discovery phase, AIS Media performed a technical audit to uncover site errors that would impede progress on organic rankings. They ran a thorough technical SEO audit and scheduled fixes to ensure the site was not penalized by Google.

Following technical fixes, AIS Media leveraged keyword research to guide optimization of page content and internal links. This process also required SEO copywriting for keywords not represented on the site. AIS Media’s research found which keywords and ads were likely to convert, and which were spending excessively. Based on this insight, they took the strongest performance to develop keyword-targeted ads and landing pages.

The keyword optimization process not only improved organic search rankings but also boosted PPC quality scores. These scores allowed AIS Media’s campaign to bid less to rank higher in paid search results which lowered the tech company’s cost while greatly increasing their leads and dramatically improving overall visibility.

Results Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

After the execution of the SEO and PPC marketing program, AIS Media had incredible results to show in only 90 days.

Increased exposure under paid and organic search results for high-intent keywords was the first step in meeting Carolina Chemistries’ goals. A 450% increase in organic page #1 keywords meant the company no longer had to pay for every lead.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

The increased visibility on high-intent keywords had a direct correlation with gains on organic traffic. Increasing organic traffic by 27.95% allowed Carolina Chemistries to offer their product comparisons and resources to better position themselves against the competition.

Web Leads Percentage Increase

Initial results from AIS Media’s program exceeded lead projections with a whopping increase of 67.11% in only 90 days. Today, the company gains long-term value from their combined SEO and PPC campaigns.

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