How To Boost Your SEO Rankings With Google Discover AIS Media

SEO Strategies: Boost Rankings and Site Traffic with Google Discover

The digital world is constantly evolving with new marketing techniques always waiting to be discovered. Because of the ever-changing technology that affects how websites rank on Google, business owners can feel lost on how to keep up and make sure they receive maximum visibility. To get your business in front of the right audience, you need the latest SEO strategies that will help your business build brand awareness, drive site traffic, boost SEO rankings, and enhance KPIs.

When you add Google Discover to your SEO strategies you can draw new audiences to your content so that you meet your goals and increase your sales. By using excellent and effective digital marketing tactics, AIS Media can help you master your online presence so you dominate the rankings in the new year.

What is Google Discover?

Formerly known as Google Feed, Google Discover is a hub that personalizes and delivers content to users based on their interests. Unlike Search, users do not need to proactively seek the content because Discover automatically generates and delivers it to them based on their browser and app activities.

Google Discover is an advanced way for your business to be positioned directly in front of a potential customer. This allows users to see the most relevant content which is why it’s important that as a business your content is fully optimized for your audience.

Boost Your SEO Rankings with Expert SEO Strategies

Google Discover is an extremely effective and non-invasive way to advertise your business to new audiences.

With its algorithm, your content has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of new users. And while all the content indexed by Google is eligible to appear on Google Discover, there are some best practices your business should follow when creating content to increase your chances of reaching larger audiences.

  • Create unique, evergreen content. Google uses an acronym called E-A-T. This stands for content that displays your company’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Your content needs to help your new user E-A-T.

At AIS Media, our craft is expert SEO strategies. Each piece of content created for our clients must check these boxes in order to ensure they stand out as experts and crush the competition.

In many instances, a new user’s first impression of your business will be through the content that they see on Google Discover, so you want it to satisfy their expectations and appetites to encourage them to visit your website and not leave them wanting more. This eliminates your competitor’s chances to grab your potential customer.

Google Discover provides new content daily, so you need to have engaging high-quality content that is most relevant to your target audience. You need to write for the audience, not for your business.

The best way to get into Discover and rank highly on Google in general is to create fresh, unique content that audiences find valuable, not content they can find anywhere else online. You want your content to reflect your business, answer audience search queries and, most importantly, stand out.

And while fresh content is key, you want to make sure it’s evergreen as well.

The content team at AIS Media creates a strategy with each piece of content to make sure it’s read again and again and found throughout Google in 6 months to a year. This type of content is what Google Discover deems valuable and likes to circulate for their readers.

  • High-quality images. With so much content featured on Google Discover, it’s easy for new users to scroll right past yours. Adding interesting, high-quality images will grab your audience’s attention and help keep them engaged.



Content with high-quality images makes it so users have no choice but to stop and click because of a beautiful visual. Google recommends using images that are a minimum of 1200 px wide for the best results.

A cosmetic dental client at AIS Media wanted to dominate Google in their area of expertise. Rather than just using any old stock images, the content team devised a plan to add beautifully aesthetic images throughout their website and on every piece of content that made users stop and take notice.

Videos of patients overjoyed with their new procedures were strategically placed throughout the site to show potential customers what they could experience.

Original videos and images that are eye-catching are a surefire way to get discovered. 

  • Mobile responsiveness. Google Discover is a mobile medium, so you need to ensure that your load times are up to speed. The fastest way to lose new audiences is to keep them waiting for your business page to pop up.

When a chemical company came to AIS Media trying to grow their online traffic, they were completely unaware that the graphics on their site were causing pages to load at incredibly slow speeds. The SEO team ran a technical audit and found what was slowing their website load time and causing frustrated customers to look elsewhere.

With a new and improved website, potential customers could find what they were looking for with ease which meant more happy customers for the client.

  • High search volume keywords. Just like with any content you create for your website, to show up on Google Discover you need to use high volume keywords that people are searching for often.

Since Google Discover wants to show the most relevant and fresh content to its users, high volume keywords are going to be a powerful indicator of what people want to see.

At AIS Media, we begin every SEO strategy by researching and determining the best high volume keywords for your business that will drive traffic and boost your SEO rankings.


Unless you have a very niche market, your SEO strategy should include keywords with a large monthly search volume to up your chances of not only getting featured on Google Discover, but getting as many eyes on your business as possible.

However, this also means finding the right keywords. Just because a keyword has a large search volume doesn’t mean it’s going to help you appear on Google Discover or bring in more traffic if it doesn’t strategically apply to your business.

This is where the help of a digital marketing partner comes in to make sure that every keyword you’re using is a perfect match between what the searcher is looking for and how your business is the right answer to their inquiry. If there isn’t a direct correlation, everyone’s time is wasted and the chances of your content showing up on Google Discover are slim.

AIS Media’s SEO Strategies Will Gain New Users and Grow Your Business

Google Discover makes it easier than ever before to get your content in front of new audiences. However, to avoid getting lost when attempting to climb the ranks of Google, employ the help of AIS Media to create timely content potential customers are searching for right now. With our award-winning services, we will get your company through the ever-changing digital world so that you can focus on what you do best while growing your business.

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