Client Success Story

AIS Media PPC Marketing Campaign Increases ROAS 594.9% in Just 3 Months for Online Medical Device Retailer

The Challenge

At Home Medical, a leading medical device seller, was in the process of launching a revamped version of their online store. As a company that sells primarily online, their executive team recognized prospective customers were using search engines to research and compare before purchasing.

Faced with a competitive landscape for online visibility, At Home Medical knew they needed an effective search marketing campaign in order to gain their place among the competitors. So, they approached AIS Media to be their digital marketing partner, based on their award-winning results for eCommerce companies.

The Results

At Home Medical had high expectations on the results they needed their digital marketing partner to deliver. As the devices and supplies they sell are used by individuals with recurring needs, their search engine visibility was a critical step in meeting their revenue goals.

Their sales team set two specific KPIs to measure the performance of the campaign: return-on-ad-spend (total revenue divided by ad spend) and, as a result, repeat transactions from these new customers.

The results were significant, with a massive 594.9% increase in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) in only three months.

+594.9% Increase in ROAS in 3 Months

“Working with AIS has been a pleasure, their team is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about SEO and web strategies to increase web presence.”

Keith Dorminey, Owner, At Home Medical

Our Action Plan

Building an eCommerce PPC Marketing Promotion

The AIS Media team collaborated with At Home Medical’s sales experts to build an effective eCommerce PPC marketing strategy. This was specifically designed to help them create a new profitable revenue stream to sell products and encourage “lifetime” customers.

To deliver early transactions and revenue, the AIS Media PPC team worked with At Home Medical to create a promotional campaign. The team designed this campaign to position the company’s highest-margin products with critical search engine visibility. To bring At Home Medical’s products to the forefront of customers’ attention, the team created a specific promotional offer to use with Google Ads.

When found on search results, the promotional offer was more enticing than any other competitor listed on the paid or organic page #1 listings. This, in turn, encouraged a higher click-through-rate (CTR) to the newly placed ads compared to the industry average.

Integrating Google Search and Shopping

The first step in developing the PPC campaign was finding the highest value keywords that best matched the promotion. To maximize exposure on the coveted page #1 of search results, the AIS Media team employed Google Search and Shopping campaigns to encourage the best opportunity for high-value transactions.

Next, the AIS Media team wrote punchy, effective text ad copy to promote the medical products at the top of Google Search. To complement the text ads, Google Shopping ads were placed for a visual format to give customers a stronger sense of the products, their prices, and customer reviews before they clicked. This produced a higher caliber of customer for the sales team and better eliminated costs from irrelevant clicks.

With success from the promotion, the AIS Media PPC team added additional high keywords to their other highest profit-margin and repeat-sales products.

Doubling Industry Average Conversion Rates

AIS Media’s comprehensive eCommerce PPC marketing strategy and campaign efforts paid off with At Home Medical earning a +594.9% increase in ROAS after only 3 months.

The AIS Media team’s ability to learn their business model and present it well online not only gave At Home Medical the online visibility they needed but also generated a profitable revenue stream – including their digital marketing services.

This was made possible through achieving industry-leading results in a short span of time, with a considerable above-average conversion rate. The ad messaging and promotional offers were paramount to this early success.

PPC ROAS Percentage Increase

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