Client Success Story

PPC Marketing Campaign Delivers 75.55% Return on Ad Spend in 90 Days for Online Retailer 

The Challenge

Carousel Designs, a leading US-based baby bedding manufacturer and online retailer, needed an expert PPC marketing agency to manage and optimize their cross-channel digital advertising objectives. With their peak season quickly approaching, the executive team realized that selecting the right PPC marketing agency could make or break their year. That is why they wanted to work with the best and didn’t want to take any chances. So, they reached out to AIS Media.

The Results

Heading into their peak season, the executive team at Carousel Designs had clear expectations regarding the results they needed their PPC marketing agency to deliver. As a well-established online retail brand, they understood that their website’s visibility directly correlated with their ability to generate revenue. As a result, the AIS Media and Carousel Design teams closely collaborated to establish specific, timely key performance indicators (KPIs). These included:

The revenue generated from digital advertising compared to the previous peak season

ROAS – the revenue that was returned from the cost spent on advertising

Once these parameters were established, the results exceeded expectations, delivering a 75.55% increase in ROAS within three months through the duration of Carousel Design’s peak season.

Due to these outcomes, AIS Media and Carousel Designs were recognized with two 2021 Gold Communicator Awards for their outstanding achievements in social media marketing and content marketing.

+75.55% Increase in ROAS in 3 Months

“These guys are fantastic to work with and have really made life easier for the Carousel team.”

Josh Powell, Director of Design, Carousel Designs

Our Action Plan

Guiding the PPC Marketing and Advertising Strategy: Research and Analysis

When brought on board, AIS Media had to build a comprehensive PPC marketing and advertising strategy, as it was Carousel Designs’ peak season to generate sales. That is why the strategy developed by the team included all viable digital advertising channels for reaching target audiences. This included Google and Bing for paid search, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads for paid social campaigns.

The first step in developing this PPC marketing strategy was to conduct a 5-point audit of each advertising channel’s historic performance for the brand. When Carousel Designs approached AIS Media, their ad campaigns were performing well. As their new PPC marketing agency, AIS Media was tasked with finding unique, untapped opportunities to improve the company’s ad campaigns with an effective spending strategy that utilized the ad budget to its fullest potential.

To understand the calibration of each ad campaign, AIS Media conducted research into the target buyer personas to evaluate the most likely purchasers and how to best reach them. As a retailer of nursery fabrics and designs, the life cycle of becoming pregnant is the trigger event for online advertising. That is why effective targeting collaboration would help to maximize exposure within a limited time window.

Contrary to popular belief, customized baby bedding is not just sold to pregnant women. The demographic research conducted by AIS Media suggested that Carousel Designs’ target audience also included newborn parents, baby shower attendees, and grandparents. Remarketing segments, including prior purchasers, cart abandoners, and non-converters were also considered as audiences for specific ad messaging and targeting.

Maximizing PPC Marketing and Advertising Spend Through the Right Channels

To provide clear guidance on how and which channels to best dedicate the ad spend, AIS Media referenced historic data and search trends to help maximize the ROAS. The team reviewed which campaigns had the highest performance. This data enabled them to understand how the ad spend could be best maximized and disbursed among these campaigns. This ensured Carousel Designs’ PPC marketing and advertising spend would drive traffic to generate more revenue, including retargeting to repeat purchasers.

While Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest were all high-performing channels for revenue generation, they each delivered different ROAS and had points of diminishing returns. That is why historical analysis and A/B testing were key to establishing a budget for the highest-performing campaigns. When AIS Media partnered with Carousel Designs, they had access to years of data to help them evaluate which channels perform the best and at which times to enact the campaigns.

As an example, AIS Media found that Pinterest ads performed well with certain audiences over others, specifically DIY enthusiasts. However, Google and Facebook ads were the top-performing channels, with a history of reaching all target audiences effectively. As a result, AIS Media used these insights to calibrate the budget in ways to provide Carousel Designs with the highest ROAS.

Discovering the Right Target Audience

Evaluating keywords, developing the creative, and establishing the target settings to expand audience reach are all effective strategies for maximizing PPC marketing and ad spending. AIS Media expanded the keywords used by Carousel Designs to create a cadence for testing the new ad creative while simultaneously adjusting target settings to distribute ads to particular audience segments.

To maximize the ROAS on each channel, the AIS Media team developed varied creative ads to specifically target each audience segment and each keyword group. This ensured the messaging for each channel was optimized to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns by improving the conversion rates.

To enhance the ad campaigns even further, AIS Media incorporated effective remarketing ads into the overall strategy. They did this by designating specific ads from Carousel Designs’ top sellers to entice audiences that had previously visited the site but did not make a purchase. There were also ads created for audiences that had made one purchase, encouraging them to revisit the site to discover other products that may be relevant to their spending histories, such as milestone blankets or pillows.

Maintaining Recency and Product Reviews

AIS Media included two additional marketing concepts to Carousel Designs’ PPC marketing advertising strategy to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns: product reviews and ad messaging schedules. The team created a plan to increase the company’s product reviews to enhance its visibility and performance on the Google Shopping network. Star ratings displayed prominently on Google play a significant role in audiences determining which products or services to purchase. As a result, they are a vital tool for increasing sales and generating revenue.

paid social advertising agency

To optimize the effectiveness of the ad messaging, AIS Media crafted a schedule to consistently updated ad creative to ensure the messaging was relevant and timely when remarketing and retargeting to repeat purchasers.

PPC ROAS Percentage Increase

AIS Media’s robust PPC marketing and advertising campaigns yielded exceptional results, with Carousel Designs experiencing a 75.55% increase in ROAS in just three months.

By partnering with Carousel Designs’ executive team to understand their target audiences and buyer personas, AIS Media developed effective ad creative and implemented a comprehensive PPC marketing strategy that enhanced revenue.

As a result of these efforts, the AIS Media and Carousel Designs teams were given two 2021 Gold Communicator Awards for their extraordinary accomplishments in social media marketing and content marketing.

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