AIS Media Talks Digital Marketing Innovation on Business Radio X

If your company has decided to engage in SEO, then you’ve taken a big step toward increasing your web traffic, increasing leads and sales, and making your web presence much stronger. SEO services are a powerful force in the marketing world, but there are lots of things to consider once you’ve decided to take that first step toward digital marketing innovation.

Digital Marketing Innovation

AIS Media co-hosts a new series about digital marketing on Business Radio X that focuses on SEO strategies and how to be relevant in the digital marketing world. Every month AIS Media CEO Thomas Harpointner sits down with one of our clients as a guest speaker to deliver the latest strategies. Our guest this month is Vishal Khanna, digital marketing director for Wake Forest Innovations.

Wake Forest Innovations works to improve health and medical technologies, collaborating with scientists and medical companies to make medical discoveries a reality.

Our installment this month is centered around innovation, and the process of working with an SEO company.

Interacting with your Customers

Once you have a relationship with a buyer, you still have to go through a digital marketing strategy to make them aware of your next offerings. Interacting regularly with your buyers, both potential and established, can go a long way toward growing your business.

Getting the Most out of an Agency

We feel that it’s best to treat the relationship like a trusted partnership. The consultation can be the most beneficial thing, even above the technical marketing services that an agency can provide. Consultation and collaboration can lead to stronger digital marketing strategies, and a shared understanding of how success is defined makes for better outcomes.

Digital Marketing Innovation and Potential Pitfalls

While many marketers are focused on successes, being aware of your past and potential pitfalls can make you much less likely to make more mistakes in the future.