Client Success Story

SEO Services Help a Healthcare Consulting Firm Go National

Coker Group is a B2B consulting firm in the healthcare field, with the expertise to serve hospitals and medical practices across the country. While they are industry leaders in their local region, their team needed to lift brand awareness nationwide to grow and accomplish aggressive business goals.

They required more visitors to their website that were strong prospects to become new clients. They realized that the most effective way to connect with these decision makers was through search engine marketing, and that they needed an SEO company  to develop a digital marketing program aimed to achieve  their business goals.

The Outcome: Within the first 12 weeks, the Coker website ranked for more high-intent page #1 keywords which drove more engaged organic traffic that was most likely to convert.

+450% Page #1 Google Rankings
+91.65% Organic Site Traffic
+600% Web Leads Generated from Organic Search

Client Feedback

“AIS brought knowledge and guidance to help us implement an SEO program that helped increase traffic to our site.”

-Savannah Burnett, Marketing Coordinator at Coker Group

Our Action Plan

Fixing technical problems

After conducting a comprehensive technical SEO audit, the AIS Media team identified a variety of SEO violations on the Coker website. Sites with broken links, slow-loading pages, and errors, not only impede Google SEO rankings but also hurt the user experience. This directly impacts visitor conversion rates and revenue. This audit deciphered the structural elements that would impact our ability to achieve high organic search rankings. We worked with Coker’s web development team on an itemized list of technical fixes in order to bring the site up to par with the latest Google standards.

Structuring the site in a way that took advantage of great content

While the technical fixes were being corrected, our team audited the website’s site map, navigation, and content and worked with Coker’s executive team to restructure these items for SEO. Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, our SEO team discovered the highest-value keywords that we’d target for optimization. We then strategically blended these high-value keywords into the content for each of Coker’s primary services.

These updates worked quickly and Coker Group was seeing improvements after only 12 weeks of utilizing AIS Media’s SEO program. The amount of page 1 rankings increased by 450%, which nearly doubled organic site traffic. Greater visibility on the search engines led to a 600% increase in sales leads.

Results We Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

Substantial efforts behind the SEO campaign to optimize the volume of organic site traffic paid off. Within only 12 weeks, Coker Group saw significant, positive impact.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase


The Coker website gained a 450% increase in Google page #1 keywords, which drove a 91.65% increase in organic site traffic, and a 600% increase in sales leads from organic search traffic.

Web Leads Percentage Increase

Best of all, Coker achieved scalable results. New keyword rankings not only increased organic search traffic, but also brought Coker a sustainable lead source.