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SEO Company Lifts Google Page #1 Rank 600%

Drop Deck Depot is a unique trailer manufacturer in that they specialize exclusively in one platform – hydraulic drop deck trailers. Steadily, they are helping individuals and businesses transition from their old-style platform of drop deck trailers to our modern proprietary design.

In order to increase sales and brand awareness, Drop Deck Depot needed an Atlanta SEO agency who could handle the content for their niche market. AIS Media met the challenge with incredible results!

Within the first 60 days, Drop Deck Depot gained a 600% increase in organic Google keyword rankings. Eight months into working with our SEO company, the site gained momentum with a 236% increase in organic traffic. Online sales leads hit an all time high, according to the company.

+600% Page-1 Rankings
+236% Organic Traffic

Client Feedback

“I’m extremely satisfied with the early results from our SEO efforts. I have had more online customers completing sales and I’m excited to see what’s to come. We’re selling a sh*t ton of trailers.”

- Barry Doyle, President

Our Action Plan

To prepare for the launch of its new website, Barry Doyle, President of Drop Deck Depot, asked our SEO company to develop an organic search engine marketing strategy. The ultimate goal was to dramatically increase online brand awareness, site traffic, and sales leads for its unique line of hydraulic trailers.

The AIS Media SEO team rolled up its sleeves to perform a comprehensive competitive analysis. Utilizing enterprise SEO tools, they identified Drop Deck Depot’s top competitors and then analyzed their sites to discover each of the strengths and weaknesses in their SEO strategy. AIS Media wanted to use their websites as a starting point for which methods worked and which ones would impeded their SEO strategy. The goal was to only create a comprehensive strategy for Drop Deck Depot.

Next, Drop Depot required a stream of high quality leads. AIS Media knew it was not enough to only secure a high volume of Google page #1 rankings. In addition, they considered which keyword searches had the highest purchase intent. They wanted to focus on those keywords that are most likely to convert into new business opportunities.

AIS Media worked with Drop Deck Depot to compile a list of 75 keywords that were relevant to their marketing initiatives including those with the highest relevancy and purchase intent. With this combination in mind, AIS Media developed a keyword list that could help accommodate their niche market while also throwing a wide net.

They also researched the pay-per-click (PPC) cost for high-value keywords, which would help prioritize the development of new content to begin targeting the keywords that bring in the highest amount of sales. They wanted Drop Deck Depot’s content to increase the optimization for each page as well as maintain user engagement.

Next, AIS Media performed a comprehensive technical SEO analysis on Drop Deck Depot’s newly launched website. They made numerous improvements to the meta data, multimedia, and onsite content. They incorporated high-value keywords throughout the site’s existing content, created an off-site link-building plan, and submitted content development recommendations.

The hard work took no time to pay off. Within the first month Drop Deck Depot began to rapidly increase their sales. In 8 months, AIS Media achieved a 236% increase in organic traffic for Drop Deck Depot, accompanying a huge increase in sales.

The dramatic rise of Google page #1 rankings over the first 8 months period dramatically increased orders for trailers.

Results We Achieved

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

In 8 months, AIS Media achieved a 236% increase in organic traffic for Drop Deck Depot, accompanying a huge increase in sales.

Page 1 Keywords

The dramatic rise of Google page #1 rankings over the first 8 month period dramatically increased orders for trailers.

“I bet we’ve already built and sold more units in January and February of 2017 than we did per year in 2014 or 2015,” said Barry Doyle, President.

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