Client Success Story

SEO Services Boost Page #1 Keyword Rank 411%; Organic Site Traffic 65%

When custom logo mat manufacturer PromoMatting was in need of a way to dramatically lift their online visibility in the search engines and boost lead generation, they called on the expertise of AIS Media. Immediately following a website redesign, AIS Media’s SEO team quickly went to work on optimizing the site. A targeted SEO strategy increased the site’s number of Google page #1 ranking by 411% for their high-value target keywords, which drove a 65% increase in organic website traffic.

+411% Page #1 Google Rankings
+64.70% Organic Site Traffic

Client Feedback

“Since teaming with AIS Media, we’ve seen a significant increase in Google rankings and site traffic. Our website is generating more leads than ever — it’s now our top source of new sales leads!”

-Frankie Gashler, Director of Marketing

Our Action Plan

Companies such as Adidas, Nike, Hilton, Men’s Wearhouse, Whole Foods, Guinness, Jack Daniels, and Ray-Ban use PromoMatting’s custom logo mats to promote their brand at retail entrances, in front of displays, and at the point of purchase.

Manufacturing customized mats for over 40 years, PromoMatting dedicates themselves to helping companies gain brand awareness and sales with eye-catching, durable custom logo mats. Through targeted SEO strategy, AIS Media’s aim was to help PromoMatting reach more high-value brands than ever before. Thus, our goal was to achieve top search engine rankings for the most relevant industry keywords, discovered by keyword research and competitive analysis.

Our first step was to perform a comprehensive technical SEO analysis on PromoMatting’s newly launched website and then make numerous improvements to the code, multimedia, and content. These improvements helped insure that Google could not only read the site, but that it didn’t see any technical errors hindering our progress with keyword rankings. We then incorporated PromoMatting’s high-value keywords throughout the site’s on-page content, created an off-site link-building plan, and submitted SEO copywriting recommendations.

Our SEO process ensures that Google’s best practices are applied on all website pages, titles, tags, and content. We also guided content development so that each target keyword had its own specific landing page or blog post. This one-to-one keyword targeting helps serve the company’s audience the content they need, as well as providing the search engines with a clear picture of what it is that PromoMatting offers.

Results We Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

AIS Media’s targeted SEO strategy for high-value keywords led to an astonishing 411% increase in keyword visibility on Google’s page #1. This dramatic lift in online visibility created a substantial increase in organic visits, which is illustrated in the graph below.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

An abundance of page-1 rankings helped PromoMatting achieve an astounding 65% increase in organic site traffic year-over-year from SEO strategy. This directly impacted business results with an increase in online exposure to reach qualified buyers at the time of their decision making.

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