Client Success Story

SEO Services Boost Medical Device Sales 23%

When a leading medical device manufacturer needed to lift online brand awareness, site traffic and sales, they called AIS Media. Within the first 90 days, Augusta Medical Systems saw a 23% increase in revenue from organic search compared to previous period.

+61.77% Organic Traffic
+23.37% Revenue from Organic Search

Client Feedback

“I’m seeing an upward trend since we’ve been working together and an uptick in sales. I like the way we are progressing and am really happy with the move to focus on content versus just paying for clicks.”

- Michael Osbon, President

Our Action Plan

For 12 years, the majority of Augusta Medical Systems’ online sales originated from physician referrals. The company was looking for new ways to drive sales and take their business to the next level.

AIS Media’s analysis revealed a significant volume of online searches for their products, which presented an exciting opportunity to capture valuable market share from competitors.  AIS Media developed a custom SEO strategy focused on keywords with the highest purchase intent and PPC value.

Our SEO program involved both on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO ensures website pages, titles, tags, content and overall site structure are properly optimized for target keywords. As part of our on-site SEO work, we also guided content development so each target keyword linked to a relevant landing pages.

Off-site SEO focuses on establishing high-quality backlinks from respected external websites. For Augusta Medical, it was especially important to be found on sites where their target customers could leave feedback on their purchases.

The concurrent initiative to help drive more online sales was conversion rate optimization. Our team audited the site based on consumer behavior through heat mapping and data analysis. Through our discoveries, we restructured the site flow to ease friction on the customer journey.

This ongoing process has already contributed to tangible sales results with a 23% increase in quarterly revenue from eCommerce SEO.

Through systematic improvements, the AIS team optimized the number of visitors that converted into sales.

Results We Achieved

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

Explosive 62% increase in organic site traffic year over year from SEO strategy.

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