Client Success Story

Remittance Company Boosts New Customer Registrations 331% in 90 Days with SEO & PPC

Ping Express is a relatively new company in the highly competitive remittance industry. Starting with very little brand awareness, the company used all of their available resources needed to attract and retain new users in order to compete. Therefore, the company’s goal was to significantly increase online brand awareness in order to gain new customer registrations. They turned to the award-winning digital marketing team at AIS Media to develop a custom strategy based on their needs.

When Ping Express approached AIS Media, the company’s current online marketing efforts were exclusive to Facebook. Either through the Facebook campaign, or the company’s offline efforts, when AIS Media began working with Ping Express 96% of the company’s web traffic was users who were already familiar with its brand.

The company recognized that in order to reach a larger audience and become an industry leader, they would require a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

The Outcome: AIS Media’s targeted strategy helped maximize search visibility in several key countries. After 90 days, the SEO and PPC campaigns had produced impressive initial results that impacted the site’s keyword rankings, organic traffic, and new customer registrations.

+1700% Google Keyword Rankings
+303.5% Organic Site Traffic
+331.5% New Customer Registrations

Client Feedback

“Things are going well with organic search. We are very pleased with our direction.”

-Opeyemi Odeyale, Co-Founder and COO at Ping Express

Our Action Plan

As part of our digital strategy, AIS Media identified a significant growth opportunity by combining Facebook advertising with search marketing. In our experience as digital marketers, we know Facebook can be an effective channel for building brand awareness and driving website traffic.

Unlike Facebook advertising, search engine marketing allows your website to appear when users are actively searching for your product and/or services. Facebook advertising can be leveraged for brand awareness as the user is more passive, and may require your product or service at a later time.

We focused our search engine marketing strategy on three primary goals:

  1. Expand online brand awareness beyond Facebook
  2. Increase the number of new website and mobile app registrants
  3. Achieve top search engine rank for the most valuable keywords

The first 30 days consisted of a strategic planning period. Our team performed a comprehensive analysis of top competitors, deep keyword research, and website conversion trends.

For both our SEO and PPC campaigns, we discovered the most popular search keywords for the type of services Ping Express offers. This research guided our on-site optimization as well as creation of our PPC campaign.

Through the keyword research phase, our SEO team was also performing a thorough technical SEO audit of the site. Sites with broken links, slow-loading pages, and errors not only impede Google SEO rankings but also the user experience, which directly affects visitor conversion rates and revenue. This audit deciphered the structural elements that would impact our ability to achieve high organic search rankings.

Our SEO team took the results of our technical audit to closely collaborate with Ping Express’ web development team to fix these violations, including page speed. Since Google announced that page load speed is an important SEO ranking factor, we address this common issue for all of our clients’ websites. Speeding up web pages was especially imperative to Ping Express, as the majority of their new users sign up for their service on mobile devices.

Our strategy also addressed another SEO ranking factor: content optimization. As a new website, one challenge facing Ping Express was lack of content. In order to achieve our ranking goals, we developed an aggressive content strategy. We set a cadence for SEO copywriting: publishing new, keyword-centric web pages and blogs. By improving the keyword relevance of key landing pages, this effort also directly improved PPC quality scores. With higher quality scores, Ping Express could bid less for higher positioning on highest-performing keywords.

Results We Achieved

Google Mobile Rankings

The comprehensive PPC and SEO campaign dramatically increased Ping Express’ online brand awareness and reach. AIS Media’s SEO and PPC strategy specifically addressed common challenges new websites face in the highly competitive environment of search marketing. In the first 90 days of strategy execution, we lifted high-intent keyword rankings 1,700%.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

With higher visibility on non-branded terms, the site now attracted a greater percentage of new users from organic search. Increasing organic search 303.5% in only 90 days has brought long-term value to the company through this channel.

New Customer Registrations Percentage Increase

The success of the combined SEO and PPC strategy delivered a resounding 331.5% increase in new customer registrations, meeting a key goal for the Ping Express team. Given this early success, the Ping Express team was able to confidently raise its PPC budget 400% based on the campaign’s performance in order to reach even more potential registrants.

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