Client Success Story

SEM Company Boosts Custom Closet Maker’s Web Leads 18% in 6 Months

As an established local leader in the custom closet industry, Artisan Custom Closets needed a fine-tuned digital marketing campaign to build and defend their online positioning. Web traffic and leads are an integral part of their business growth plan. They partnered with our trusted and proven SEO company, AIS Media, to revamp both its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO campaigns.

The Outcome: In the first six months of working with AIS Media, Artisan Custom Closets saw a 26.65% increase in site traffic and an 18% increase in website conversions compared to last year – all with zero increase in their online advertising budget.

+118% Page #1 Google Rankings
+26.65% Organic Site Traffic
+18.18% Web Leads Generated from Organic Search

Our Action Plan

Artisan Custom Closets is no newbie to search engine marketing. As a well-known, local custom design storage and manufacturing company, they’ve worked with several digital marketing firms. Traffic to their site was declining and business growth was flat. Artisan needed a sure-fire way to drive business growth and was ready for a fresh approach to increase online brand awareness, leads, and sales.

AIS Media blends the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology with a successful decades-long track record working on some of the most complex search engine marketing campaigns. Our technology leverages artificial intelligence, or machine learning, to significantly increase the performance of search engine marketing campaigns in less time.

Our team conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit of Artisan’s website. We then performed high-value keyword research to reveal which specific keywords were driving the most site traffic and conversions. Next, we bench-marked Artisan’s organic positions for primary keywords against their top competitors and developed a plan to increase Google page #1 positions for the highest value keywords.

Our Google AdWords Certified experts then audited Artisan’s PPC account and calculated the cost-per-acquisition for new leads. Leveraging sophisticated PPC management platforms, we developed and executed a plan to maximize the performance and return on investment (ROI) of Artisan’s PPC campaign.

Throughout the entire process, AIS Media closely collaborated with Artisan’s technical team to execute our plan and kept Artisan’s executive team informed of our progress.

Results We Achieved

Page 1 Rankings

Even in the first 90 days of working with AIS Media, Artisan saw significantly improved results. In this short time frame, the site already had a 91% increase in exposure of non-branded, high-intent keywords on the first page of organic search results.

Today, past the first six months of working with Artisan Custom Closets, AIS Media continues to deliver increased page #1 positioning, with an aggressive SEO strategy.

With heavy competition for both branded and non-branded keywords, defending page #1 positions is just as essential as grabbing new page #1 rankings. Our SEO team focused on increasing the positions of “striking distance” keywords, those found just shy of the first page, on pages #2 and #3.

Organic Traffic Percentage Increase

Increased visibility on the first page of search results had a direct impact on organic traffic. Our team’s aggressive SEO strategy produced results as expected, delivering growth month over month, with the greatest bump on month six. An average of 4-6 months into an SEO program will likely demonstrate the greatest yield in keyword and traffic performance.

Web Leads Percentage Increase

With increased visibility on high-intent keywords, and a strategy for improvement of conversion rate optimization on the website itself, AIS was able to produce more web leads than ever. In our first six months of partnering with Artisan, we achieved an 18% increase in web leads, over the same period from the prior year – all without increasing Artisan’s online advertising budget.

Client Feedback

“Everything is going great. Really happy with AIS Media so far.”

-Lisa Carlquist, President of Artisan Custom Closets