Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Top Digital Marketing Trends

digital_trends_webcastIn part one of the four-part webinar series, Transformation2015, the “Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2015,” attendees learned the biggest digital marketing trends, techniques, and technologies driving business performance this year.

How well are you preparing to outsmart your competition in 2015? Here are the five key trends.

Must-know Digital Marketing Tactics to Outsmart Your Competition

    1. Shifting Budgets
      The mobile revolution has only just begun. Businesses are starting to funnel money into it, understanding that there is ample opportunity in this ever-evolving channel. According to a new global study by BCG Perspectives, the average consumer puts an implied value of $6,000 on their smartphone. Not only does that research provide evidence that the mobile revolution is here to stay but it’s also estimated that 67% of users are more likely to make a purchase off of a website that is mmobile-friendly The number of mobile users is expected to only increase in the coming years, creating a bigger dependency on mobile in general. Therefore, more budgets will continue to shit and digital strategies will transform to mobile-first.
    1. Data and Real-Time Marketing
      Shift happens. And in 2015 the big shift is from creative-driven marketing to data-driven marketing. Marketers are re-evaluating their target audience, and determining what works and what doesn’t through data-driven initiatives that reveal actionable insights.It’s no longer enough just to deliver the right message to the right audience. Proper format, context and timing are now key in order to gain and maintain buyer attention.
    1. Content Marketing Convergence
      Content marketing is emerging as a primary force in consumer and B2B marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2015. We’re seeing a budget shift from content creation to content amplification. As consumers become overrun with a variety of content streams from a multitude of social networks, the competition to win audience attention is heating up. Successfully amplifying this content, engaging audiences and converting lookers into buyers has become both an art and a science. 
    1. Social Media is Evolving
      Social commerce or “sCommerce” is booming In fact, social commerce sales are forecasted to represent five percent of all online retail revenue in 2015 and nearly 70% of marketers have successfully gained new customers via social networks. The other big trend in the social media evolution of 2015 is social advertising. This year internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market. Meaning, paid social media ads are becoming unavoidable.
    1. Negative SEO Threat Increases
      With more and more consumers searching via mobile devices, you need to know what mobile search is and how it impacts your website traffic. Google appears to be placing more emphasis on brand mentions and citation, which are less likely and less easy to be manipulated for the purpose of achieving higher search rankings. Following the failed Google+ authorship experiment, Google will place more value on social signals from Twitter and Facebook. A negative SEO attack could have catastrophic consequences for businesses, erasing their search visibility for large chunks of a year.

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